Sunday, September 13, 2009

Indian Summer

Is now my fave season!!! Not too hot, not too chilly...just perfect really!!! Awesome to sleep in...go to bed warm, and wake up chilled so you need to snuggle in the warm blankets!! LOVE IT!!!!

Last nite was actually pretty good! I woke DJ before going to bed, and fell asleep easily....didn't wake up again til 6 something when DJ joined me and he went back to sleep!!! Good nite!!! We were all up about 8:30ish....perfect!!!

The one thing I'm struggling with lately, is getting DJ to feel confident enough to go to the bathroom by himself without me holding his penis down. What a chore!!! DJ doesn't stand, he sits to pee (he knows no different really! But does understand he can pee outside and enjoys doing that too!!!!) and since potty training him in March, (goodness, that's 6 mos ago now!! SWEET!) I've been "helping" him by aiming it in the bowl...and about two months ago started teaching him to sit back further on the seat and lean forward...but he still needed the touch to get him going. I figure it was like someone who needs the tap to run in order to pee....slowly, we've broken this habit for the most part! The past couple days he's been going all by himself with me just sitting there...he even wipes (dabs) when he's done....and is so proud!!! I couldn't be happier!! Now, if only he'd be confident enough to go first thing in the morning instead of bugging me about it!! lol

Today, was a non-busy, but not lazy day! Couple loads of laundry, dishes and lots of play time. Howie drove Jake and his g/f to the beach and on his way home saw a bouncy house and "stuff" at the high school...told me it was a we waited til after SamSam's nap (he came home right as she was going down) to go, and turns out there was NOTHING in the parking lot where it was supposed to have we kept on walking to the park.

We got there at the tail end of someone's birthday (great idea!!!) and so DJ had a few kids to play with.....or so we thought. Turns out these little girls were quite rude and didn't want to have anything to do with him!!! They had balloons and were taunting him with we left! Samantha was NOT happy with this decision...but was pleased when we got home and I broke out the balloons. They went over well til they'd hit the really dry grass and pop! DJ LOVED running with the balloon on the string waiting for it to pop and scare him!!! Sam, didn't love this! She actually would give the broken balloon a dirty look! Made me laugh!

Jake went home at 5, and I got down to the business of making dinner. Can I just say I LOVE my crock pot!!! I put a roast in there covered in bbq sauce (on top of carrots as I didn't have an onion....) this morning and let it slow cook all day. O M Gosh it was awesome to smell!!! And the crock pot doesn't put off a lot of heat, so it was perfect for today!! Once it was done I "pulled" it and we ate it on buns with french fries and a salad! YUM!!!! Howie's already looking forward to lunch tomorrow!

Bed time tonite went swimmingly!!! DJ fell asleep at his door waiting for me! And Samantha didn't even fuss one bit when I put her in bed wide awake! In fact, they were BOTH asleep at 8:15!!!!! So I gave Howie a hair cut...perfect timing not having two little ones under foot wondering what we're doing!

Now, I'm watching (sorta) this movie on's not that good....but there's nothing else on! Might even go to bed early....ooohhh!!!! lol Gotta change out the washer/dryer tho....getting better at remembering that...must be because I'm blogging about it...LOL

Til next time...ciao!

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