Monday, September 21, 2009

Fall has fallen

At least in the mornings!!! I woke up frozen this morning!!!! Even with DJ in bed with me (when did he get there!?!?!) I was cold cold c-c-cold!!!! And when I wake up takes FOREVER to warm up! I'm the kind of person who, if my feet are cold, the rest of me is cold, but if they're warm, I'm doing great!

This morning was all about SamSam...and she didn't quite enjoy the attention....and made a downright fuss about it!

What am I talking about??

Her 18 month pictures!!! Oy vey! She was in a good mood all morning, happy, playful, and in love with the boots I put her in cuz they finally fit! But the moment we got into Walmart (where else?!?!) she went wonky on me! Even more so when we put her on the table for posing....and it all went down hill from there! She was wearing a 9 year old dress I bought in Italy for my niece Kassandra when she was 2...its denim and has cows embroidered on the front with their butts embroidered on the back....SO cute!!! I also had a change of clothes that just kind of happened when I went into her closet....this adorable pink furry/fluffy vest and her beige cords with hearts embroidered on the cuffs....even CUTER!!!
Walmart (where else?!?!) has changed their photo's no longer the FIRST pose that's the one you get your package with (and we all know kids warm up once they figure out what's going on....) and you don't have 7 poses only, you can get up to 10! I am pleased with these changes! The only change I didn't care for was the change in personnel....the one gal I used to love is no longer there! The gal we had today was good, but not the same....

As it happened, I chose a pose of her standing in all her 18 month glory in her pink outfit...and she's holding a cell phone! Which if you knew her in real life, you'd know how perfect this really is!!! She's constantly wanting our "hello" to play with...and the gal at the studio gave her her phone just to make her worked!! And the collage I picked is of her and the cell...her expressions were incredible!!! I don't get them back til October we all have to be patient!

After the photo shoot we headed home for lunch...DJ was being a pill and so we laid down....he fell asleep, I didn' feet were still far too cold for my liking! So I got up and hopped in the shower! In my pre-kids days, and back when we lived in the apartment, I'd go for a tan in the tanning bed just to warm up! These days, I'll settle for the heat lamp in our bathroom and the shower a little warmer than normal!

Howie came home and I got busy with Avon order goes in tomorrow and I needed peace and QUIET to make phone calls...thankfully the kids were pleased as punch that Daddy was home and climbed up in his lap to watch football with him. Whew!

Bed time went smoothly...til we discovered DJ at the bottom of the stairs watching How I Met Your Mother with us....huh! NOT where he was supposed to be!!! One potty break later he went to sleep easily! Here's hoping he stays in bed all nite! Apparently last nite Howie gave up his spot to DJ...who came into our room about 2ish and tried waking me, but I have no recollection of this, and then went to Howie, who instead of getting up just brought him to bed with us....and about 2:30 he'd worked his way down to Howie's feet...and because he couldn't move, Howie chose to leave...
I asked him today why he didn't just put DJ back into his own bed....that would have woken him up...and then he wouldn't have gotten back to sleep...Ummm OK....At least I got 6 hours of straight sleep!!!

My feet are finally warm again and it's time for bed!! My snuggly is a wonderful thing..keeping me toasty warm! Thanks Jackie!!!

Til next time...ciao!

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