Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Oh Nine, Oh Nine,

Oh Nine!!! Today's date!!! Divide it by 3 and you've got my wedding date!! I wonder how busy Vegas was today with everyone getting married. It was BUSY the day we got married! Yup, we got married in Vegas! Online even!!! That way no one had to leave the comfort of their homes but could still witness our union! It was perfect!! We met online, so why not get married online! Worked for us! My goal is to go back to Vegas for our 1o yr anniversary!!! So I've got a little over 3 yrs to plan it! Should be do-able! The kids will be older and would do well to stay home while we're off.....oh the dreams I have!!

I didn't get much dream time last nite....DJ was up shortly after 5...joined me...and I had a the hardest time falling back into that deep sleep I'd awakened from...tossing and turning....getting hands flung at me to wake me once I dozed off....and bam, it was time to wake up. Especially when I have DJ saying "wake up time Mummy!" ...makes it hard to ignore!

Today was mountain climbing day....Mount Laundry! Can you tell me how it is that after doing 4 loads I can turn around and have 4 more to do!??!?!! Is there some little laundry leprechaun that's messing up all the clothes without my knowledge?? Today I did 5 loads....ok, the 4th is still in the dryer and the 5th is still in the washer, but before I go to bed, the 5th WILL be in the dryer!! I'm seriously considering joining a nudist colony just to cut down on laundry...DJ would LOVE that! Oh that child and his nakedness!!!

This afternoon we took a break after nap time and walked to get the mail....and then just kept on walking to the park at the Elementary school close by...DJ was THRILLED that I'd taken him there!! Sam too for that matter! They both loved playing on the creative and running around the baseball field for an hour...sure made them hungry too!!! We couldn't believe how quickly both kids ate their sketti tonite!! And cucumbers, and cookie, and milk!!!

Bedtime was a breeze too! DJ fell asleep waiting for me to come tuck him in...I love that!! And SamSam has taken a HUGE interest in her bunny that she got for Christmas....last nite and tonite she's wanted to nurse while holding said bunny, who by the way, is the same size as her!!! OY! But she's fallen sleep instantly when put in her crib snuggling the it works! She calls it "baby" and loves on it all day!! Gets extremely upset when DJ takes it away from her too!! You should hear her scream....I don't wear my hearing aids during the day for that reason! But other than screaming she has no other way to communicate...and it sure lets me know when she's ticked off! HA

I'm still struggling with that book....half tempted to give up on it....probably won't as I don't have anything else to read just now...sad I know!! But now that library has started up again, I should get back on the Sue Grafton series! I also need to get the next book in the Debbie Macomber series!!! Then there's the latest in the Janet Evanovich series....ugh!

I got to watch Glee tonite....are you watching that show?? Oh I love all the music!!!! So far, so good!! I find myself singing the songs later on in the week too!!!

Til next time...ciao!

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