Monday, September 7, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Once again it's that time to air the dirty laundry...well not the dirty stuff...just the slightly mussed stuff that would embarrass you to wear!!! As always, this is put on by MckMama over at her blog....check it out!!!

As for's been a while, and truth be told I didn't have much really til this last week....lucky, lucky YOU! hahaha

Where to was not me who tried to sneak peas into the mac 'n cheese I made the kids for lunch one day...only to watch Samantha eat her way around the peas and spit them out...I kid you not!! DJ I was able to sneak the odd one in, but then his lips would clamp shut if he actually looked at the spoon and saw one! And I did not laugh with every mouthful!! (there were none in my bowl...yuck! LOL) Seems they take after their parents...Howie HATES peas!!! He puts ketchup on them to eat them...blech!

As you all know, I attended a concert last week, Blake Shelton in case you forgot, but I certainly did not remember to take my camera so I could zoom right in there with its 20x optical zoom....I could probably get a very nice clear as I pulled it out of my purse, turned it on I did not then realize the battery was dead!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! I would not put a dead camera in my purse...not me!!! OY!

While at the fair, after the concert, I did not exchange half a pair of sunglasses at the Sunglass Guy booth for a brand new pair because of their lifetime guarantee....I'm not that anal that I'd hang on to this square of piece of paper for THREE years just in case they did break....which they did...TWO years ago!!! I did not hang on to both pieces for that long either, only to find out that one of the pieces went missing...and who knows how long ago! In the end, it did not cost me 6.00 to replace them....pretty darn good I'd say!!!

Then as we're walking around, we stopped at one point for Laura to get a "breath of air" (that's what they're calling it nowadays! lol) and as we were moving on, I did not trip on a guy sitting on the bench I was standing next to because I didn't see him....and then I did not aplogize profusely for my stupidity....I'm not that blind!!!

And that about wraps up the end of my confession dirty laundry....gonna go wash up now!

Til next time...ciao!

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  1. Just remember the good news, it turns out ketchup does count as a serving of vegatables--or maybe fruit since I think technically tomatos are fruit.

    I've gone to many events with a dead camera so don't feel bad. Shoot, half the time I just forget the camera outright!


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