Sunday, September 6, 2009

Can you get high

on Pine Sol....yuck!!!!! I totally cleaned the kitchen this in washing ALL the cupboards and baseboards and fridge and stove and walls and by the time I was nose was burnt! At least I saved my hands this time...I was smart and wore rubber gloves....I find that some chemicals rip a layer of skin off my hands, and being that I'm already sensitive about soaps, I didn't want to risk it this time. I'm finally happy that my hands are happy and smooth and free of rough why chance it?

So, how did I get all this energy??

I got to sleep in!!!! I love it! Howie didn't go fishing this morning and knowing that had me giddy last nite! I even went to bed early to take advantage of it! DJ had other plans tho...he woke up at 1:48 to potty...and apparently had to potty bad enough that he didn't even wait for me and went to the bathroom to wait for me.... hahaha He's done this a few times actually! Soooo funny!!!
Putting back to bed proved to be a chore....tucked him in, hugged and kissed him, put on his frog lullaby....and about 5 seconds after leaving the room he was out of bed screaming "I need you" So back in, put him back in bed, talk to him, and tell him it's still very dark out, and he needs to stay in all of the above again and 5 seconds after leaving the room he was out of bed again....ugh! So put him back in bed, again!, and put the frog on for 6 minutes and this time he asked to have the door open, so I did, waited 3 mins in the hall for him to get out of bed again, and when he didn't I went back to bed. But had a hard time falling back to sleep thinking "He's only going to wake me up again, so why bother falling asleep" and somewhere along the line, I did fall asleep. Only to wake up to him in bed and Howie gone...huh! He woke up about 8 and I told him to go find Daddy, which he did and I got stay in bed til 9. Didn't really sleep, but totally enjoyed not having to get out of the warm bed! And then my mom and dad called, so it was extra nice to chat with them in quiet!!!
Then the cleaning spree happened....I wouldn't let Howie go take a nap even!! He was kinda pissy with me for that, but dang it...I can't clean and watch the kids at the same time!!! Or rather, referee them! By the time I was done with the kitchen it was time for lunch! Which DJ was ever so happy about....he knows that when SamSam's napping, the crayons come out and he gets to colour....he even tried telling me at 10:30 that Sam was tired...or that it was lunch time and Sam was funny!!!
While both Howie and Sam slept, DJ coloured and I worked on Avon stuff....oh, I put a perma-link on the left sidebar to my Avon web page....y'know, if you ever need to order something.... :D
After nap I kept going with the cleaning....dishes and then ME!! I needed it today!!! One pine sol sweaty mess I was!! blech!
Because it was a really, REALLY rainy/wet day today, the kids didn't get to expend their energy properly, so by dinner time we were both ready for it to be bed time! Especially when you add in the kids trying...and HATING...baked beans! Oh what a fight!!! Luckily we had some left over pesto noodles and they ate those instead!
Thankfully, they're both in bed now and it's just me and the lap top, and Howie and the TV....nice quiet evening ahead!! Just how I like it! Hope everyone's enjoying the long's not long here, Howie has to work normal...but gets some time off next weekend in lieu of, so it works out!
Til next time...ciao!

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