Friday, September 4, 2009

Gooooooo Mavericks!!!!

Tonite marked the start of High School football!!! The opening game was titled Jam the Stands...and I'm sure we couldn't have fit any more people than what we had there!!! I was ever so grateful for those fans who left at half time too....gave the rest of us some butt room! I haven't sat that close to Howie in a LONG time!!!

Jake got to start too...which is VERY impressive for a Sophomore to get that status....he played in every quarter even!!! Howie said he even made a great play and his name was announced over the loud speaker....SO kool!!! We won too!!! 33-13...great game!!!

I got there in the middle of the 2nd quarter....I wanted to put the kids to bed so that it was all normal for them, and Sam would get to nurse....and I'm positively SHOCKED at how easy it all went....I was out of the house by 8:16!!! Not bad eh? And when I just peeked in on DJ, he still have the sheet on him that I put on him!!! So he's sleeping hard!!!

We had a busy day too!!! This morning I had all kinds of good intentions to get out of the house early and get the grocery shopping well under way! HA! You know what they say about good intentions....I ended up on the phone with Verizon....but it was a good phone call!!! I had an issue with my bill, and called last week, but didn't get my issue resolved.....and it bugged me that it didn't get dealt with to my I called back today and got a wonderful customer service rep who worked magic for me!!! And now, I'm a happy customer again!! Thank you Verizon Wireless!!!

By then it was almost we flew to the bank (how I wish it were that easy!) and then hit up Walmart (where else?) and had a relatively easy trip...that is until check out time! Oh that was ANNOYING!!!! They had 2 (TWO) regular checkouts open, and then the self serve ones and the two express lanes for 10 items or less. I kid you not, each line had about 10 people in it!!! Let's Friday....right before school starts.....and there's a million people waiting to get checked out....major fail!!!! Of course, its not like we can just walk away....they had us! Thankfully I had well behaved children today....not sure how that happened, but I'll take it!! I also threatened the child cart at the next store if DJ didn't behave worked!!!

I cheated lunch and got McD's for the was so late already, and by the time we'd have gotten home and then to make lunch, it would have been yeah, I cheated! Sue me! lol

Howie had to go in to work early again this morning, so he got to come home early...and took a nap! lucky bugger! I woke up when he left at 3 and discovered DJ glued to my back along the edge of the bed....once I realized Howie was gone I rolled him over to his side, and we both went back to sleep! After everyone was up, I took off for a solo flight and got two more stops on my list covered! Whew!!! I like it when I'm solo....the only thing that ruined it was that I lost my list...and I was lost without that list!!! I hate when I don't have my list!!! I'm a list lover!!! So I "winged" it at Albertsons...and did pretty good if I do say so myself!!!

Then I raced home, put it all away and had dinner on the table in a record 15 minutes!!! WHEW! Howie took off for the earlier game at the same field we played at, and I tackled the bathing of the monsters angels....and then my g/f Shirah came over to enjoy the peace and quiet of our house while they slept. All in all...a great nite!!!

I realized last nite I haven't included pix of the kids in a here's a few...Jake is number 32 and sorry they're so blurry....I stupidly forgot the camera...which I specifically charged just for tonite....grrrrrrrrrr

DJ wanting to be kool with his sunglasses to boot! And DJ being DJ!!

SamSam saying "cheese"!! She's letting me put ponies in her hair all the time and even adding some girly touches!!! That is until she discovers them....

Til next time...ciao!

P.S....I think my internet connection dies at 12:30am.....stupid Clearwire!

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