Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hey, its

September!??!!? What!?!?! Already!!! That's the one thing that really blows about having your birthday on the last day of the month....its over and BOOM it's another month already!! *sigh* At least September is a fun month now that I'm a means school starts SOON!!! Then again, the street I live on, I means the music gets louder as the high school kids who think their hearing will last forever, drive by my house to get to the school. And the buses start with all their squeaky brakes...which you'd think they'd repair in the past 2 months they've been out of service....just saying!

So I forgot to mention, that last nite Howie stayed awake til I got home shortly after 11....and he's made me promise he'll never do that again!! LOL He was afraid that if the kids woke up he wouldn't hear it (and I'M the deaf one!?!?!) so he puttered on the internet waiting for me. This morning I got an email from him saying "Don't let me stay awake that late anymore!" hahaha and then he admitted that I spoil him.....which of course we discussed further face to face....he's fully aware! It's a good thing! lol

Today we went to Izzybell's house to be with her as her mom had a Dr's my two were thrilled with all the "new" toys!!! Our trip ended up being longer, but the kids could have cared less!!! SamSam on the other hand took her nap on a big bed and was kinda freaky about it. I haven't laid down to nurse her in a long time, so today she didn't know what to make of my laying there with her. After about 15 mins I left her on the bed, and didn't close the door as she was in a strange place, and stood outside the door while she screamed her head off for 10 minutes, and then fell asleep!! Now here's the shocker....she didn't get off the bed!!!!!!!!!! She knows how...but didn't!!! When I checked on her after she'd fallen asleep, she had her head at the foot of the bed like she was waiting for the door to open...sooooo cute!!! And she slept blissfully for an hour and a half!!

While she was snoozing the other two and I watched Finding Nemo...that really is a good movie!!! Didn't interest DJ like I thought it would....he was all over the place!!

We left there about 4:30 and headed for home....I'm sure Howie enjoyed his quiet time...I know I enjoyed mine when DJ fell asleep in the car...NOOOOOOOOOOOO....yeah, he did! He was wiped out! Waking him up when we got home, was a nightmare!! He was so out of it, he peed himself in the driveway....lovely! That meant it was bath nite for them!

Now, the house is golden...nice and quiet!! Just the way I like it! I got to watch the pilot of Glee...oh I can't wait for that show to be regular!!! I got chills just watching it!!!

Til next time...ciao!

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