Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Nostril Hockey

Is NOT my favourite game!!! And yet today it seems that's the game I'm playing! Add in addition to my nose being annoying I've got a sore throat (side note: I hate it when people type they have a soar throat....makes no sense literally!) that makes me sound like a man when I speak....lovely!

After sleeping relatively well last nite, I woke up to DJ at 7 and he crawled in bed with me for the next hour of sleep! And he was raring to go at 8! He's got the cough and Sams's got the runny nose, so between all of us we've got one cold! I blame it on the grocery shopping on Friday...

This morning after breakfast we got ready to head out for story time...and ohmygoodness was it busy!!! We had 25 babies and 23 moms there today!!! That's unreal for the 10 am session! I'll have to ask how big the 11 am session ended up!

During lunch I finally got word that my mom's Angiogram went well and she's got a healthy heart!! With there being heart problems in our family tree she was worried and had it looked at! Good to know she's doing well there!!! I also got a nice chat on the phone with her this afternoon while Sam was sleeping. I'm feeling out of the loop....while you, my reader, are quite in tune with what's happening with our family, I'm not getting the same input from my friends and family! So phone calls are good! Emails are good! Just be sure to keep me in the loop...please!

We had Jake over for dinner and it was YUMMY!!! I marinated some pork chops in that Shanghai 5 spice Teriyaki marinade....and it had to have been the tastiest chop we've had a in LONG time!! Jake wasn't too thrilled with it, and the younger ones got chicken nuggets instead. Howie and I thoroughly enjoyed them! :D

Bed time went extra smooth tonite...both kids were tired....they were running circles (literally) in the living room after dinner....and before I could put Sam in bed DJ was sound asleep...in his door way...I'll move him later when I take him pee....I didn't want to wake him.

Now I'm watching the telly and blogging and farming....I NEED YARN!!!!!!!!! lol

Til next time...ciao!

P.S....I just noticed my ticker is at 2000!!! Sweet!

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