Saturday, September 19, 2009

Friday Night Lights

And the Mavericks win their third game tonite!!! With a whopping 49-7!!!! Sadly, Jake didn't play tonite due to his hamstring injury...and he really was feeling left out! He was on the sidelines for the whole game.
My g/f Shirah came over again to watch the kids, so I put them both to bed (Howie left at 7:30 as the game started at 8) and then headed over to the stadium. Howie then left the game about 9:30 as he had to go back in to work...blah! Even he's not sure when he'll be home. *sigh*

Today was LONG!!! DJ woke us up about 4 to pee, and at first he just snuggled me awake (I do prefer that over the scaring me awake!) and when I finally realized he wasn't supposed to be there took him to pee. And put him right back in his own bed! I'm not sure when he joined me but I woke up to him bouncing on the bed asking if it was "wake up time?"

After breakfast we headed out the door to do grocery shopping....we hit up Costco, Petsmart, Fred Myers, and Albertsons. Whew! At Freddy's I used their Playland for the first time...let me tell you! That was the BEST decision I've ever made!!!! It's for kids 2-5 yrs old and they play while moms shop! And its FREE!!!!! So I filled out their paperwork and we each got matching bracelets and he walked right in with no hesitation whatsoever and then walked back, handed me his hat and say "Bye Mum!" Well alright then! Samantha on the other hand, was NOT pleased we were leaving him to go play and she was still strapped in the cart! But the cookie she got to eat while we were shopping silenced her protest quickly!

As soon as nap was over we hit the streets again!!! Howie napped in the silent house and I took the monsters kids shopping for more stuff! This time we hit up Food Emporium, where DJ gets his own cart, and then Safeway and then home to make dinner in time that I could have shower before the game. Worked out perfectly!!! I still have Walmart (where else?) and QFC to hit up and I'm done for 2 weeks!!
I'd also like to point out that it took 2 months to get our cupboards back to stocked!!! They were EMPTY when I got home! Even Howie commented on it today!

Now, its bed time...Howie just walked in the door, so I'll give him a head start on the sleeping side of life, and then join him while he's snoring away!

Til next time...ciao!

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