Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Going in circles

That's how I drive...usually! If I can make a big circle out of my chores and errands, that's what I'll do! This morning we did a circle...dropped off some Avon books to a new customer who WANTS the books!! And then to the bank to deposit the cheques from my previous paid customers (whew!) and then hit up the grocery store where I got a STEAL on some meat!!! I got two eye of round steaks for 2.00!! And an almost 3 lb pork roast for 2.83!!! Apparently if you go in the mornings to the grocery store they put meats that are "older" on the reduced rack...kinda like how the bakery does their goods...which I have to literally talk myself out of!!! lol

On our way home it started raining and lookin nasty out that nixed our plans to play outside before lunch. DJ was not pleased!! Altho, he was excited at the prospect of a never panned out...

I tried getting him to take a nap this aft to no avail...but he did get quiet for about 15 minutes....then he coloured and I got busy doing laundry (it really doesn't end!!) SamSam got up just after 4 and I got the kids ready to go outside and play...before I let them out I put Sam's car seat back together (I finally washed her seat cover!) and ran it out to the truck....and wouldn't ya know it, the rain started falling again!!! DJ was not pleased...again!

Howie came home late as he had a meeting, but I tell ya, it was just in time!!!! I managed to get the sauce made for sketti, but the kids were too wound up to let me do the dishes. They mauled him the moment he came in the door and freed me up! whew!

Dinner was a hit!! Sketti is one of those guaranteed meals...both of them love it and both of them gobble it down!! And we like it too!!! Just wish I could eat mine while it was hot....they both need help eating, and guess who gets that task....

Now, everyone's in bed, Howie went before I even got Sam down he was that tired!!! Not sure why....last nite was a dream!! And yet, there were no dreams involved! DJ didn't wake til just after 7 this morning!! I need more of those nites please!!! If DJ's waking Howie up and not me, I'm more than okay with that! Is that mean of me?? hahaha

Me, I'm watching Glee...with a smile on my face...this really is a good show!!

Til next time...ciao!

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