Thursday, September 17, 2009

That's YOUR kid!!

This is something either Howie or I say to each other on a daily basis almost! Tonite, DJ was HIS kid!!!

How so?

For dinner, we had that steak I got the other day (should have marinated it!!) and DJ wanted a hot we made them each a hot dog. Now, this all sounds normal right?? Yes, it is....that is until he says "I want the hot dog cut up and the bun on the side" Which isn't too bad in the realm of normal....really!

THEN he says he wants ketchup...I ask "on your plate?" and he says "no, on my bun"

SUCH a Hughes thing to do!!! Howie used to eat ketchup sandwiches as a kid. Jake used to eat ketchup sandwiches as a kid. Now DJ has joined the Hughes ketchup sandwich eating ranks!! And it can't ever be on bread! Apparently hot dog buns are the way to go! Good to know! At least he ate all his dinner!!! Well, that part of it anyways! The rice was a chore....

Today was a beautiful day!!! So this morning after getting the laundry going, checking emails and responding, I took the kids outside for an hour and a half!!! They LOVED it! Of course! lol
We did up balloons and they had a blast! I had the camera just clicking away!
Which is how I got this AWESOME shot of BOTH kids smiling AND looking at me!!! My g/f who's very savvy with Photoshop is going to "fix" it for me and I'm SOOO printing this puppy off!!

I also captured this tender moment of them together a few minutes later...

SamSam really didn't want to sit for this one....but as you can tell DJ's got a hold of her arm to keep her down....Its still cute! And then this looks way worse than it really is!! He's just hugging her, because she kept wanting to get away....but it looks like he's got her in a choke hold...

After all this snapping we were tired!! We ate lunch and all took naps!! Even DJ got an hour nap! Me, well I dozed for a bit, but my feet were SO cold it took forever for them to warm up and me to fall asleep! At least I got to lay down for a while! I'm glad for that! When they both got up we headed back outside...just as Daddy was coming he changed and joined us outside! Since today was garbage and recycle day Howie went to get the empty bins....DJ brought up the garbage one and Sam helped Howie with the recycle one. SOOOO cute!!!

And then bed time happened!! Tonite DJ went down easily (he woke up last nite about 5am and since Howie was getting up anyways, he took him potty...and I waited for DJ to come and join worked out well!
No, tonite it was Sam that gave us issues...YUCKY ones!! She was whining horribly for more chocolate milk (don't judge me! They're not milk kids!) so I gave her another sippy cup full and she nursed it and me at the same, THAT was weird!!! When she was all done I put her in bed, tucked her "baby" up next to her, and as I'm leaving the room I hear her burp and the I flip the light on and sure enough she's puked in bed. YUCK! So I call Howie to come deal with her while I deal with changing the sheets. He changed her into new pj's as she got the cuff of her current ones icky'd and I got the sheets and those pj's and the towel I used for her into the wash. She was very scared to get back into bed, but when I laid her down, tucked her bunny in, and patted her back she settled immediately! I don't much like those fluky moments!

Now, I'm gonna go watch Survivor...I love DVR!!! And I also love fast forwarding thru commercials!!

Til next time...ciao!

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