Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy (?) Labour Day

They really should call it UnLabour Day....since everything is closed....well almost hubby had to work and he said it was NUTS at his work today!!!! Of course the rain doesn't help and people who work out (where he works) think rain is perfect for working out. (did any of that even make sense??) So, his day flew by!!!

My day, however, also had labour it....thankfully not involving birthing a baby!!! I have two small monsters children who don't know a holiday from a regular day yet!! Since we'd had a downpour over nite we did indoor things this morning....including a bath!! They didn't seem to mind! They've also discovered how to make each other giggle uncontrollably...or rather, DJ plays tug of war with a blanket and Sam, and she giggles uncontrollably and therefore he starts laughing at her. Its quite the sound!! I love it!!!

DJ had a rather interrupted nite last nite...he woke up on his own to pee around 11:30 and so I didn't wake him when I went to bed at midnite....he woke tho at 4:15 to pee, and off we went. It was too close to Howie getting up for work (he gave me crap for telling him the time, therefore waking him) and when Howie left the bed DJ joined it...and was buggy til almost 5:30 when he finally fell back to sleep!! And bounced awake again at 7:30!

All this, makes for a cranky boy! So I insisted that he take a nap this aft!!!! Didn't take him long to fall asleep either!! And he only got an hour....which was perfect!! What a different kid! He did have his first "pins and needles" moment....the way he slept put his right arm to sleep, and he woke up crying with pain....and about 5 mins later he was snuggling with me in my chair and says "Hey, my arm is all better!" That just reassured me it was pins and needles!

Samantha didn't take a very long nap either....but long enough I guess....we were off to the park about 3:30...DJ wanted to walk, so we did!!! I called Howie to let him know where we were and he stopped by on his way home...Sam just LOVED that!!! DJ had made a friend, so he was pretty preoccupied and could care less. He and this other boy ran each other ragged!! It was perfect!!!

Came home, made dinner, and got ready for bed...quite literally too!! The moment DJ is excused from the dinner table he is stripping down!!! Ready for pj time!!! Cracks us up every nite!!! Heaven forbid we have plans after dinner.....

As I was nursing Samantha, she started calling out to him...turns out he had snuck out of bed, down the hall and was playing with her stuffed bunny right at the hallway entrance....sneaky little bugger!!! Back to bed he went! Then I tucked him in and 5 mins later we heard him kicking on the wall...we just ignored him and within another few mins, all was silent!!

Now, I'm working on my Avon order...thank you to all who placed, you know who you are!, and blogging and working on hair bows for SamSam! I pulled all my ribbons out and got to work making more now that she'll keep them in for a couple hours!!! Need more than just white ones!!!

Til next time...ciao!

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