Sunday, September 20, 2009

Where to start

What busy, fun weekend this was!!! Whew! Yesterday I got to sleep in til almost 10 am!!! Unheard of! And totally unexpected!!! DJ woke up around 7 and Howie (who worked the nite before and got home around 12:30) got up with him....and Sam! I woke up at 9:08 and thought "Oh I'll just lay here for another 7 minutes and get up at quarter after...." next thing I knew it was 9:44!!!! LOVE it!!

After eating breakfast (the kids were already fed!!!) I got them dressed and took DJ out to finish the shopping....again, just amazing to have only one of them! SamSam was madder than a hornet but got over it quickly apparently! We got our shopping done and raced home for a late lunch. Finally got Sam down for her nap and rushed to get ready for Mom's Night Out!!! I had been looking forward to it for a LONG time!! Jake's girlfriend's mom was joining me and we were driving together...she showed up shortly after 3 and we chatted for a bit and headed out before Sam woke up...its better if she doesn't see me to realize I'm leaving.

Our destination was Colour Me Mine...a paint your own pottery place. I just love these!!! When we got there it was quiet, and slowly people trickled in (in their pj's too!) and it was a busy place! I picked out a plate that says Cookies for Santa and painted it up for my chitlins...I took a pic of it (of course!) but will wait til I have the finished product to show before/after shots!! If it turns out half as good as I wanted it to, I'll be pleased!!! I really hope this is the piece my kids fight over later know, that one family tradition piece!

After painting for FOUR (4) hours!!! we shut the place down at 8 and headed out for dinner at a local restaurant. I'd taken my Entertainment book and so did we had two coupons to use for the 3 of us (one of my online g/f's came all the way from Bellingham!) and we ate WELL!! We split we had a Greek Pizza, lasagna and cannelloni....YUM!!! We were stuffed when we left there just about 10 pm. I'd invited both gals back for a movie, but Joanne needed to get home, but Jen said yes! So we headed home first so that I could assure Howie he could go to bed and we needed to get Jen's confirmation number for her hotel reservation.
We drove up and the living room lights were on and the TV was still on so I went to the window to let him know I was home without tipping the dog off....he wasn't there! Say what?!?! So I tried the slider door, shut up tight!! Uh oh!!! and then I tried calling him...nothing! GAH!!! We walked over to where our bedroom window is, and thankfully we sleep with it open right now, and the light was on so I called up to him:
"Honey, can you come open the door for me please!!!!???"

"Where are your keys??"

"Ummmmm I don't have them...."

"Huh, guess you should have taken them eh?"

"Yes dear....Could you please come open the door for us....Jen's with me so be decent..."

"Yes dear..."

What a guy!!! Once inside we did what we had to and then took off for QFC as I had a free movie code for one of their Movie Cube we rented Sex and the City the movie....oh it was good!!! I loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!! We were up til 1:20 watching it! Jen left and I did my short little blog on my phone as the lap top had no connection...and went to bed!! Wouldn't you know it, I laid there til almost 2:3o begging sleep to take me!! It was awful!! Next thing I knew it was 5:20 and DJ was bugging me awake....he crawled into bed (Howie was out catching dinner) and took a bit to fall back to sleep which was annoying! However, it was about 8:30 when he woke again! Not bad...

Today was a good day! We puttered around this morning, no one did dishes yesterday so I had a TONNE to do! And knowing that Howie caught dinner and would be cleaning it in the sink needed to get the dishes done before he got home. He went for a nap, and we got ready to do lunch and nap....Sam didn't go down til just about late! But I was to be somewhere for 2! So I quickly got ready and woke Howie before I left.
Where was I going...kid less AGAIN!!!?!?!?! To a Dove Chocolate Discoveries party! Oh yeah, eating chocolate!! I can do that! And Dove chocolate to boot!! I booked a party for November and can't wait! I also ordered some cocoa butter flavoured discs to flavour dipping chocolate. I did chocolate dipped goodies last year and loved doing this year I'll add some pizazz to them! YUM!

I got home and everyone was outside enjoying the last of the day's sunshine! Samantha is now 18 months old as it was her half birthday today! So I snapped a few (OK, a lot!) pictures of her but didn't get a chance to upload them before she went to bed....we had the yummy salmon for dinner and then I did bath time and then bed time....both kids, out by 8:15!!! Nice!

Now I'm watching the Emmy's and blogging....hope this was long enough to make up for yesterday's extremely short post....

Til next time...ciao!

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