Wednesday, September 23, 2009

All the single ladies

Put a ring on it!! This is a catchy tune!! Made even more so by Glee! Now I have it stuck in my head...even tho I've never heard it in its entirety...yeah, I live under a Country rock!!! And Glee is still just as fabulous as the pilot episode!!! It makes Wednesdays enjoyable!!!

Last nite was the best nite in a while!!! I woke DJ before I went to bed and he pee'd and went back to sleep before I even left the room! And the next time he bugged at me it was 7:41!!!!! You're in shock right? I know!!! I'm still in shock!! I got a full 6+ hours of sleep totally uninterrupted!!! I didn't even wake when Howie got up for work! Sleep, it does the body good! Here's hoping tonite is just as successful!

With all this sleep I was able to tackle the laundry!! I put away the 3 loads I did yesterday, and got two more done this morning and even bathed the kids....all by 11 am!!! So we took a walk to the mail box as I didn't get yesterdays mail, and then the kids just played out front til lunch time.

I have discovered that my son is far too much like my father!!! Mom, I'm sure Dad will get a kick out of this! Go get him, I'll wait.....

The last year DJ's been all about having PJ & J for lunch...but two weeks ago, he decided he wanted a bagel...toasted. So I let him, it's no worse than the PB & J really, and easier to make. And then today, he switched back to sammiches....

How does this relate to my dad? Growing up, my dad had foods he circulated thru the kitchen...toast and olives....bagels....fried eggs and toast....pancakes....egg mcmuffins....and each one lasts a month or so. Am I lying mom?? I think not! So now I see evidence of the Evanoff in my son! Here's hoping he got the purse strings to go with it!

Dinner was sketti and the kids gobbled it up!!! I love when dinner isn't a fight and everyone gets to eat at the same time! DJ is becoming more independent!! Just this afternoon he went potty ALL BY HIMSELF!!!! Of course there was a bribe of cinnamon goldfish....but hey, it worked! He called me when he was done with a big smile on his face....he'd gone #2 and needed me, which is more than fine...not quite ready for him to be THAT independent! lol

So the kids have been in bed since 8, Howie since 9, and I've been enjoying my quiet time!

Til next time...ciao!

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