Saturday, September 26, 2009

Family Day

Plans got messed up! Howie did NOT sleep well last fact, he slept on the couch the whole nite (kinda nice for me, but don't tell him that!) DJ joined me at 5 am and we both slept til 8 which was good! I wanted us up for 8 so we could be outta the house by 10 for the twins soccer game. Jake spent the night elsewhere last nite so we had to swing by and pick him up too.

All was going according to plan even tho Howie was complaining about a sore throat (remember I was sick last week....he's blaming me...) and a headache and chest yuckiness. We get Jake and he's coughing up a storm....great, two down! We go to the game anyway as I have Avon to deliver and books to give out! It was a beautiful morning!!! The sun was shining and there was still some Fall chill in the air....just perfect to watch the twins win their game!!! GO BOMBERS!!! DJ and SamSam had a blast running around the track, playing on the monkey bar park, playing soccer on the empty field nearby....all with Daddy! And I fully enjoyed watching the game and socializing!

After hanging with the fam (FIL was there too) we headed home for lunch. Got everyone fed, and Sam down for a nap and I knew then we weren't going on our Family Day plans!

What were our plans you ask?

Today was National Museum Day....any museum associated with the Smithsonian was free entrance!! Not a bad deal!!! Get to be a tourist in your own state!!! I dig the free part too! So our plan was to go to EMP and the Museum of Flight. I've been to EMP before as Howie used to work there when we met...but I didn't get to see the museum part of it.

So, yeah, I'm bummed we didn't get to take part in this years freebie! BUT there is always next year, and Sam will be that much older to tolerate it all better......possibly without a nap too!

Instead, while Sam and Jake were napping, and Howie was soon to follow, I took DJ back to Fred Meyer to cash in on their specials!! And to pick up a few things from their regular flyer. Well...85 dollars and 2 hours later we were done! I did pick up some Christmas stuff for DJ...thankfully he has NO clue and I was able to hide the Light McQueen pj's and shirt I got him. It was all 50% off and I had a nifty little 25% off that...not to mention the cute 10% off card they mailed me that's good for a month!!! Can we say Ka Ching!! I did good!

Came home just about 5 and figured out we were doing Teriyaki for had been a LONG time since we'd had that and frankly, I needed a non-cooking nite! While I was out I picked up a movie, Confessions of a Shopaholic! Totally chick flick and I'm looking forward to it!!!

I must go wash the dishes tho before I sit to watch! Absolutely MUST do that!!! I haven't done them since Thursday aft and we're running out of dishes....not good! lol Another reason we did take dishes added to the pile!! lol

Til next time...ciao!

P.S. I forgot to take the picture of my plate...I want it in daylight, not room light! Be patient!

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