Tuesday, September 29, 2009

OK, ok ok

I lied!! I put the heat on this morning! Samantha woke up FROZEN!!! literally! If you could have felt her feet this morning you'd have jumped back and squealed! They were THAT cold! So, yeah, I broke down! Stupid thing is...the vent in her room doesn't work...go figure! SO frustrating! The ones in the kitchen, bathroom and DJ's room work...that's it! Oh, I think ours works, but we don't have it open....yet! lol Its on my side so he shouldn't feel it much!

Today was story time....so we got up early enough that I grabbed a shower before breakfast....something I HATE doing!!! For me, its just not normal to shower before 10 am! I'm still waking up....leave me alone! lol But, I didn't want to be rejected from the group...lol As soon as breakfast was done, I got the kids dressed, shoes AND coats! Yeah, fall is definitely here!!! In fact, I saw smoke from several chimney's today! Oh yeah, Fall IS here!

Story time was full again today!! But the kids had fun! And BOTH my children did the march with me!!! That's never happened! YAY me! After the library we went to a children's second hand place....I'd dropped off some stuff last year before we left so I wanted to see if it sold...it did! Which meant I had a 9.50 credit...WOOT! This place has a dollar table...which today was PILED high with all kinds of clothes! I got a 3T shirt for Sam, 5T pants for DJ and a 6/7 Laura Ashley dress for Sam (yeah, I think ahead!)...and I got Sam a winter jacket...and a ladybug costume...cuter than the one I saw in Fred Meyer and half the price! Again, YAY me!! lol I did good!

Then I dropped of an Avon book to my g/f Andie...well her house anyway...and headed home for lunch. Once I got SamSam down for her nap (hardly a fight today! thankfully) I snuck up to my bedroom with my snuggie...it took DJ about 10 mins to find me hahaha....and then he crawled under the blanket with me and promptly fell asleep! We both napped about an hour....which was perfect! Knowing that Jake was coming over for dinner, I knew a cranky DJ would be no fun! Worked well....til after dinner that is....DJ was playing "hockey" with the spatula and a small ball and went up and hit Jake with it...NOT kool! Oh, and before this incident...he hugged Sam the wrong way and was choking her instead...again, NOT kool!! When do the terrible 2's end?!?!?!! I'm tired of it! The moment he gets out of them, guess who'll be going in....lovely!

The past couple nites DJ has snuck into our bed without me knowing til about 5ish when Howie gets up....what the heck!?!?! This is just like when he was a baby and I KNOW I put him in his bassinet, and when I would wake next, he'd be in bed with me...but I have no clue when/how it happened! Once Howie leaves for work I don't mind him being there, but before that, he's just crowding me! I end up in the middle and not able to move....I do enjoy his body heat tho...lol Bed time tonite has gone smoothly....even for Sam! And last nite I didn't wake DJ up to pee before bed, and he went the whole nite....so that's awesome! Now I want him to go the whole nite in his own bed!! PLEASE!!!

I'm off to veg for a bit...been watching The Biggest Loser while blogging...that's an easy show to blog through...and not miss much! I get pretty focused when I'm typing, but this one I can listen to more than watch. Pretty inspiring show!

Til next time...ciao!

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