Thursday, September 24, 2009

SO worth the wait!!!

Tonite was the season premiere of Grey's Anatomy! And boy was it worth the wait!!! 2 hours of great story lines!! I can just hear my dad saying "Oh Chrissy (he calls me that) turn that bloody mess off...its just too gross to look at!" followed with "How can you watch this garbage??" hahaha Gee, a year ago I was suffering just this conversation....miss me dad?? LOL

Today was a good smelling day! Well, aside from the two yucky diapers Samantha gave me and the trip to the bathroom DJ made....but I won't dwell on those! The good smell?? I put a pork shoulder roast in the crock pot with this YUMMY (can only get it in Canada) honey garlic sauce....oh it was amazing!!! I fully expected a fight with DJ, but it was the first thing he finished on his plate!!! There was helping, not fighting...I like those meal times!

DJ did good again last nite....but woke up just about 7 and didn't snuggle back to sleep like fact, he was downright buggy! And he managed to wrangle me outta bed! I'm still working on him having the confidence to just go to the bathroom without me! Still not there yet...however, we are at the point where all I'm doing is putting his clothes back on when he's done. So we're not too far off!

He took a nice little hour nap this aft and that afforded me a chance to have a shower in peace!!! I savour those moments! After nap was done and snack was consumed I got the kids ready to go outside...and Daddy came home! Perfect timing! Even more so when he said he'd take them outside!!!! I was able to then go and do the dishes in peace!!! And get the rest of dinner on the go. YUM! (sorry, just had a flashback of dinner!)

After dinner I gave Howie some peace and took the kids for a walk to get the mail and then we just kept on walking...we did a big circle and went behind the high school where some kids were playing tennis...and DJ, bless his heart, went running up to watch them and started cheering on this one kid...clapping and everything! SOOO cute! Further down the road the middle school was having a football game, so we watched a bit of that, as well as the practice of Jake's old team. As we walked around the school he spied a school bus and was very excited to see one up close. He stood at the door and the bus driver, who was reading, looked up and saw him and opened the door. Oh well, wasn't he excited!!! Said "hi" and then climbed on board! lol She was very gracious and asked him all kinds of questions and told him he could run all the way to the back if he wanted, he didn't! He walked all of two seats and turned around and said "bye" and got off the bus! Too funny!

Oh, on the way to the mail box, my son said something that was totally me! I mean TOTALLY all me! He said "Oh, those things are driving me NUTS!!!" and pointed at the oncoming headlights of a was all I could do not to crack up laughing!!!! That's my boy!!

Bed time went smoothly and my bum is now numb from sitting and watching those 2 hours of Grey's! Again...sooo worth it!! Now I'm watching Survivor which I DVR'd...I love fast forwarding those commercials!

Til next time...ciao!

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