Sunday, September 27, 2009

Major MIlestone!!

Oh DJ had a major milestone breakthrough this morning!!! He woke up around 4, just before Howie was to get up and go fishing (funny since he was sick yesterday...) so he snuck into Daddy's spot which was still nice and warm...and he was back asleep quickly! (Right as I'm typing this he wakes up crying to fitting....) At 7:07 he bounced awake!!! Literally! And with the bouncing came the need to I told him he could go to the bathroom all by himself like a big boy...AND HE DID!!!!!!! I heard him hop over the gate, and when he was done he let the lid fall heavily, and I heard him hop back over the gate. Amazing!!! Of course, there was no going back to sleep for him! But I thoroughly enjoyed staying snuggled under the covers while he did all that!

We got up and Sam was calling out to us, so I went in to get her and she was soaked! Too much fluid right before bed last caught up with her! So I changed her right away and got down to makin breakfast for them. Once breakfast was done I did the dishes as I had already talked to Howie and he had caught dinner! YUM! Then I got a load of laundry on the go, and bathed the kids. I even got pig tails in SamSam's hair!!! I'd read that it's easier to do baby hair when it's wet! Its true...but its also easier for her to take out cuz the hair is slippery. So we played the pig tail game about 5 times and I gave up! After her nap she took them out for the last time and I sprayed her hair with water to get it to look normal again. But the piggies sure were cute!!!!

Howie and Jake got home just as we were finishing lunch, so I got them something to eat too and put Sam down for her nap. She did NOT want to go down even tho I'd nursed her to complete sleep...oh she shrieks well!! So, while she was screaming her head off, I put laundry away and organized the kids closet....I have a g/f coming over tomorrow to pick up Samantha's old baby clothes that we do have! I wanted to get it all together. When I came back downstairs, I got shushed by Howie was DJ was snoozing on the couch. KOOL!! I then grabbed a couple Avon boxes and organized my Christmas closet! (If you didn't already know by the countdown below, I'm a bit of a Christmas lover!) It felt good to refresh my memory as to what I've already bought.

When the kids got up Howie took them both outside to play in the beautiful sunshine! Jake did his homework and I got busy with the vacuum cleaner! and the broom. Can I just say how much I HATE my vacuum!!?!??!! I don't mind cleaning, in fact I like the end result! But I abhor our's 5 years old and it's done! It picks up surface stuff, and spits 50% of it back at it takes twice as long to vacuum. And it STINKS!!! We are due for a new one! Howie just doesn't think so....but he's not the one who uses what does his opinion matter!??!!? lol Maybe I'll ask for one for Christmas...sad eh?

Jake's girlfriend came over about a half hour before he got picked up and DJ was just smitten with her! He did not leave her alone! Even hugged her goodbye when she left. I even warned Jake that he'd better be careful or DJ was gonna steal his g/f and she agreed it could happen! SO cute!

We had fresh yummy salmon for dinner!! But about an hour before dinner Howie's stomach started acting he didn't eat with us and instead had a Thera-flu drink....and ice cream!? MEN! Ridiculous! But don't tell him I said so....

Bed time was a chore since DJ had that nap! I even woke him at 3:30 to hopefully avoid the bed time such luck! And Samantha also held her own protest (short one this time) and it was noisy in our house for a bit. Just when I thought DJ had gone to sleep, I hear him on the stairs....little brat! He had to tinkle, so he went, again, all by himself! He cracks me up tho, he's dancing around and takes his pants off and throws them to me before he gets on the pot....cuz that's more important!....whatta kid! Back to bed he goes....easily too!

Now I'm watching the Amazing Race as I dvr'd it to watch commercial free...and since DJ's already woken to pee, he should be good til morning!

Til next time...ciao!

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