Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wake up call

Oh boy did we get one today!!!! This morning I had plans to go to Greenlake with my g/f Andie and her little girl she arrived around 10 am and we took off. It was a rather overcast morning but we were ever hopeful that the sun would join us so the kids could go in the wading pool. Got there, and found a parking spot super close to the park that was teeming with children!!!

Sidebar: I typically dress DJ in colours I think will be easy to spot in a crowded area such as a park....and today, I apparently wasn't alone!! I chose lime did MANY other moms!

So, the kids played for almost an hour before we went walking in the direction of the wading was a good hike from the park area!! What a nice walk we had tho!! I do wish I'd worn different shoes tho....thongs aren't suitable for all that walking! lol

DJ decided he was hungry and we needed to stop for we did! It was just after noon, so good timing! I totally cheated and bought them Lunchables...which they both gobbled up!! Andie and I shared a Subway sub and it was yummy!!

After lunch we started walking again in the direction of the wading pool when I got a phone call from Howie....not all that unusual....but he asked me if I'd gotten a call from the Snohomish Sheriff....say what??? call to me! This is where the wake up call comes in....

Jake had football practice this morning, but it was a light day, only weights, so he was home about 11am....around 1 he was sitting in the living room in Howie's chair when he saw some guy in an orange tank top walk thru our gate in the front yard...and then try to open the slider...only to get run off by our normally super sweet dog, Snickers. Jake called 911 immediately and didn't stick around. In his panic, he ran downstairs to his room and crawled thru a window (which wasn't locked) in the storage room down there (not even thinking he could use HIS door!!) and took off to a friends house. When the cops came by he came back and let them in the house....and again Snickers barked the cop out of the yard...and then bared her teeth at another one in the kitchen while she was outside. (my heart is pounding just typing this out!) Then they checked all the rooms in the house, and had their guns drawn when they came to our room as the door was shut to keep the cats out. They searched the area and from the lack of communication with them, we're assuming they didn't find him. Needless to say, it's more than creepy!!! Broad daylight!! And Snickers...she earned her keep today!!! We'll let her stick around a little while longer!! :P

After nap (DJ didn't get one) I took Jake over to his last driving lesson....and then came home to be here when our land lady came by for the rent....but ended up leaving to go get some corn on the cob before picking Jake up again. And I let him drive me home....BOTH of us were nervous for that one!!!! Granted he has never driven the Durango before...but that doesn't excuse the red light he ran *snickers*

OK it's WAY late now and I'm off to la la land! Oh, speaking of la la land...DJ seems to be getting there MUCH quicker these days!! Since Sunday nite, I've been telling him that I'm going out shopping....and he doesn't get out of bed! AND then I beat him at his own game, in that I take him potty before I go to bed....that way he doesn't scare me awake anymore! Working like a charm!! Til tonite....he woke up about an hour after going to bed and must have gotten lost in his room as he peed his pj's 2 ft from his bed....better the pj's than the bed!

Sorry this is such a long one....

Til next time...ciao!

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  1. oh no, that is SO scary! I'm so glad everyone is OK and nothing was taken. Good job Snickers (and Jake of course!).


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