Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Misery loves company...

But does the company have to join you at 2 am and keep you awake til 3 am?!?!?! Oh what a horrid nite last nite was!! I did not wake DJ up before I went to bed in hopes that he'd sleep straight thru the nite...boy was I wrong! He woke up at 2 am (so about 45 mins after I went to sleep) and he wanted to play!!! No no no...not what we do at 2 am! It took him (and me) til 3 am to fall back to sleep...lots of threats were made! They didn't work!
Then, I woke up at 6 am, his usual time to join me, and heard a loud THUMP, and thought it was the front door...and Howie was home (he worked grave yard last nite only) and waited for him to come to bed...after a few minutes there was I got up and checked the window and his car wasn't it wasn't him.

Well, I worked myself up into such a tizzy....and I thought I heard Sam scream, which did NOT help my spidey I got up (it's close to 6:30 now) and let the cat out, he didn't freak, and Snickers wasn't trying to get out of the room, so her spidey senses were calm....and I tip toed down the stairs and it was nothing...Sam was still sleeping silently....and I had to go to the bathroom!!! I'd worked myself up that bad!! Took me til after 7 to go back to sleep, and then Howie came home around 8, and DJ woke up at 8:30....So, yeah...not much sleep was accrued for me! Horrible, horrible, HORRIBLE nite!!!

After breakfast I got a text message from a g/f of mine, Wyndi, and she wanted to know if we were up for the sprinkler park...well sure we were!!! With Howie sleeping, it was the perfect time for us to be out of the house, and it was a beautiful sunny day!! Shortly after 10:30 we took off to the park and had a great visit/play time. Was still too chilly for the water part, but their playground was fun! The swings, sadly, were both broken! About an hour into it, there appeared another family with two boys, and they both had fun chasing/getting chased by DJ!! Thanks for a great visit Wyn!!!

After lunch I got Howie up, and put Samantha down! She went with such a fight today!!! DJ didn't nap...just had another quiet afternoon with some play outside. Wore his butt out!
Dinner was a bit late tonite and both kids let us know they weren't happy with it! Rather loudly too! In fact while we were cooking I let them both eat their vegetables while waiting.

Tonite was also bath nite....I just love how great they smell after!!! Just squishable!!! Bedtime was quick and painless!!! After putting SamSam down, I got Howie's lunch ready waiting for DJ to call me....after 20 mins go by, I crawl up the stairs and find him laying on the floor by his door sound asleep!!!!! huh! So I took the gate down and put him in bed....and not a peep since!

Howie and I actually enjoyed a quiet evening together watching tv!! Who knew!! It sure was nice!!! Now, he's gone to bed....I'm facebooking and blogging and watching TV....and then going to bed early...this time I mean it! (hahaha)

Til next time...ciao!

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