Sunday, August 30, 2009

My own personal

New Year's Eve...Birthday Eve I call it...the last day I'll be the age I just got used to....*sigh* Today was my last day to say I'm 36....tomorrow, a new age starts...literally!!! And I have to be honest...37 does NOT sound like a fun age!! Not by any stretch of the imagination!!! In fact, I'm turning 29 for the 9th time!!! Right!?!?!?!?! hahaha

It's been an emotional day for me too...not sure why, but birthdays bring out the emotions! At lunch, I was reading the paper, and DJ was beside me as usual, but thru my peripheral vision it looked like he was trying to feed the dog (who wasn't even under the table!!!) and so I snapped at him...scared the crap outta him AND which point I started laughing uncontrollably!! Howie made me apologize to DJ and I had to hold back my ODD!!! And NO I'm not pregnant!! It was funny tho!

After lunch we all had a nap!!! I made DJ take one (it was short, only an hour) because I knew we had plans for after dinner (which is fresh caught this morning salmon!!!) to go watch football! That enticed him to lay down at which point it didn't take him long to fall asleep! I even dozed for a 20 minute power nap. Why is it my body KNOWS when 20 minutes are up!?!??! So I got up and kept on with the laundry....I don't want to have to do any laundry ON my birthday...just me! And while I was in there knowing the kids can't bother me...I cleaned!! My washer and dryer (esp!) are now white again!!! And the floor in actually clean...altho it's so beaten up (before us) that you can't tell its clean...sad!

I let the kids wake Daddy up from his nap....Sam just loves that!!! Getting into everything she shouldn't be because she never gets to go in there...OY! Howie cleaned the boat and I kept on with the laundry...never ending I tell ya!

Dinner was early and YUMMY!!!!!!!! Samantha, for whatever reason, refused to eat the fish...and she LOVES it!!! DJ refused to eat the Au Gratin potatoes...he just hates potato in any from that's not a french fry...he literally gags til he can spit it out....

It was a beautiful evening for football!!! I don't ever remember any of Jake's jamboree's this warm! Speaking of Jake...he came over about 6:30 and joined us for some spectating!! DJ did REALLY well the whole time...Samantha...not so much! She was up and down and up and down...all over the place!!! So I took the kids home after the first half game...and did the bed time it was close to 9 when I put DJ in bed...for the one and only time!!!!!!!!! AMAZING!!! Now, if only he would sleep right thru the nite!! This night waking stuff is gettin really old!!! Last nite it was shortly after 3 and he got Howie instead of me...but then Howie went fishing and I woke up to DJ "playing" with the dog on her bed!!! Chased him back to bed and he bounced back in at 7:30 with no chance of a snuggle...*sigh*

So, now after enjoying a nice quiet Birthday Eve evening (type that out 5 times fast!) knitting and watching Royal Pains...great show btw!....I'm now sending myself to bed....hopefully before midnite...HA who am I kidding?? LOL

Til next time...ciao!

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