Friday, August 21, 2009

Opening Day

Of the CNE was today!!! My parents have had a booth in the Arts & Crafts Building for ummm 12 years now...or something like that....selling homemade fudge. Some of you are already drooling...I can tell! Especially those of you who've actually had some of that fudge!!! The rest of you...sorry!

While my parents were slaving away to the hundreds of customers....I was slaving to my children! Samantha woke up with a fever, and nothing else. Just a wee bit clingier than normal, but otherwise herself. Not as active or talkative...but still eating like a champ! I'd swear someone gave her a colonic....poor girl gave me three (3!!!) dirty diapers that were just putrid! (Again, where else can I talk poop!?!?) and mostly liquid. So I'm thinking stomach bug...

It sure did make it easier to take both of them shopping...really only had to deal with DJ which wasn't fun! Ever tried to push a cart with a kid laying on the bottom?!?!? OY! We got thru QFC with the promise of seeing animals at the pet store....thankfully it worked like a charm! And he got to see cats, fish, birds, and hamsters....while I got the cat food and dog food!

Home for lunch and naps! I love naps!!! Took a quick power nap with DJ and then took a shower while they were both snoozing. Sam woke up first and we had to wake DJ up! I wanted to hit up a couple more stores before dinner, but DJ had no desire to go out...and Sam was still fevered. So we just stayed home...and then I bbq'd for my second time...hamburgers! Well, hamburger....Howie was at the hospital visiting his dad, so it was just me and kiddos again for dinner. After dinner, DJ puts his shoes on and announces he's ready to go shopping. OK, I'm game!! So off we went to Fred Meyer's and got the few things on our list....and Howie got some peace and quiet to get the boat ready for tomorrow.

Bedtime was a fiasco...again! Last nite he decided he didn't want his gate, remember...tonite he decided earlier that he didn't want 5 mins after Howie put it up! From there we had the potty battle and then I caught him UNDER his desk "working"....OY! Put his butt in bed and closed his door....he screamed loudly, but didn't get out of bed! And I haven't gone to check on him yet...I will before I go to bed...which is VERY soon!!!

Til next time...ciao!


  1. oh cool - you're parents sell fudge at the CNE!?? The last time I was there was 5 or 6 years ago and I know I bought fudge, I wonder if it was from them?!?

    Hope Sam feels better soon - it's not nice to see a LO not feeling well. BTW, good news on your FIL, another prayer answered!

  2. More than likely if you were in the A&C building it was their fudge!! Pink and white umbrellas!!! SOOO good!!

    Sam's all better as of this fever...and there were no other symptoms.


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