Friday, August 28, 2009


Really DO happen!!!! I got 5 hours of sleep!!! In a row!! UNINTERRUPTED!!!!! Unfortunately those 5 hours started at 3 am...

Why is that you ask??

DJ woke up at 2:39....pee'd and then 5 mins after putting him back in bed, he was bugging at me again....put him back in bed...and one more time just for giggles he was bugging at me again!! Can I just tell you how disconcerting it is to be startled awake!!!! I threatened his butt back in bed and it seemed to have worked....last I looked it was 3 am...

And the next time I looked it was 8 am....say what?!?!?! I sat up, looked around and noticed how empty the bed was and almost giggled!!! I lay there checking my phone in peace while the dog slept on in peace...oh and one of the cats was on the bed sleeping in peace!!! About 20 after 8 I got up and checked to see he was actually still in bed...and he was! So I let the dog out and went to the bathroom. He woke up then in a panic as I wasn't in my bed! We snuggled in the chair together and waited for SamSam to wake up.

After breakfast we got dressed, got a load of laundry going for the third I hate when I'm so lazy I don't get it in the dryer!! I mean seriously, how hard is it!?!? Shortly before 11 we took off for a creative play date...for me! lol

I was meeting up with a g/f at Joann's and didn't really have a plan per se...I knew I wanted to get yarn to make Shirah her scarf....and having her there with me was perfect!!! She could pick out the colours she wanted!!! And then I found the easel I wanted for the 11x14 frame I have that's got pictures of both my babies in the says Love in the middle of the easel at the bottom...SOOO cute!!! I may paint it gold so it stands out more as the easel is black and the frame is black.

After our excursion shopping, during which I spent a whopping 11 dollars thanks to coupons!, we went to a Greek restaurant that I've been wanting to go to since moving here!! Kafe Neo...and oh man was it AWESOME!!!!!!!!! I had the Neo Chicken and it was yummy!!! The kids just had a regular chicken gyro and Shirah had a steak gyro. Neither child had any issue with their fact, DJ wanted to eat mine when he was done! LOL

Then we came home, which Samantha did NOT fall asleep on me this time...and she took a nap. DJ and I had quiet time...he's really digging this colouring thing!! and he loves when I trace his hands...and then hang his art work on the wall for Daddy to see. SO cute!!!

Tonite was bath nite, so we didn't get to go for a walk or anything special!! But once the kiddos were in bed (and DJ only tried one antic while I was nursing) I took off for DQ as we had a BOGO small blizzard....YUM!!! And really, the small is more than enough!!!

Tonite has been fabulously quiet, and in between folding laundry (I'm on it now!) I've been knitting and's been a while since I knit so my knuckles are protesting a wee bit from gripping the needles....thank goodness I'm using 10.5 instead of 4's!! That would hurt even more!!!

Til next time...ciao!

P.S. This may not post til tomorrow as I'm having connectivity issues and the solution is in Sam's room...I already woke her once....yikes! Dare I go in there again and try....I'll give it a few more mins!

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