Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Just so you know

My FIL is on his way to recovery!!! His surgery today was successful!!! And apparently much more serious than he let us believe!!! They replaced a valve with tissue...and his came from a pig. They were going to do another bypass but there was too much scarring from the previous one...something we didn't know! He came out of surgery about 1 ish, and finally woke up around 8 ish...and Howie finally got home about 10:30!! Oh what a long day for him!!! He ate and went to bed! Not sure if he's going to work tomorrow or not....he'll decide that when he wakes up!

So that meant I was on my own for the whole day with the kiddos!! Thankfully we had story time a the library!! Just wish DJ hadn't decided 5 mins before we left that he HAD to poop!! Ugh! And he's one to sit long after he's done....so we were a wee bit late for the start of it! They were still singing the greeting song! whew! SamSam was in a mood from the moment she woke up....and she was the whiniest one there today!!! Normally she's walkin around sorta paying attention, but today she was on my lap hugging on me. Not that I minded....I actually liked it! lol
She did have a spell tho when I went to return the books we got last week...I tried leaving her in the room to play with the toys, but she was having NONE of that!! Stood by the door just screamin her head off....so she came with! DJ was VERY excited to get new books!! And one of the ones I got had to do with trains...for some reason he's HOOKED on trains!!

After the library we took a quick trip to the mall...and for me a quick trip is all of 10 mins! It would have been a shorter trip, but I got some lousy customer service!! I had a gift card for JC Penney and was in need of some decent conditioner! They had no Biolage left, so I settled for BigSexyHair...which is equally good!

On our super short 8 minute ride home, guess who falls asleep...SAMANTHA!!! Why does she do this to me?!?!?!! Woke her little butt up and had lunch before letting her go to sleep again! Today I chose to nap with DJ...wishing I hadn't, but that's neither here nor there!

Dinner was a sad, pitiful one....mac n cheese and hot dogs!! Totally something Howie wouldn't eat with us! LOL I then attempted bath time on my own...boy did I miss having Howie here for that one!!! Altho, I must say, I didn't get as wet as I normally do...Oh and I found some pj's for Sam in the hope chest at the end of our bed...looking for something else always finds things you least expect! So she's got new jammies on...two piece ones!! She grew up instantly tonite!! SOOO cute too! Sadly, one pr are 12 mos size and not gonna get use past tonite....the others are 24 mos size, so we'll give those a shot tomorrow!

Now, it's bed time!!! That book, Keeping Faith, has gotten really good!!! And I am finally enjoying it!! Glad I stuck it out! I am old enough now that I don't HAVE to read the whole book if I don't like it....sometimes I have to remind myself that! lol

Til next time...ciao!

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