Saturday, August 22, 2009

Trust me

Is DJ's latest phrase...that and "actually...." when you ask him if he wants to do something....cracks both of us up! But the "trust me"...that comes from me! And when I think about does "actually"....better that than cuss words!

This morning started way too early!!! I had a tough time falling asleep last nite....and not for any reason I can think of....very annoying! And I try really hard not to look at the clock when I'm experiencing this insomnia...blah! Thankfully DJ didn't get up til 7:45....but the bad part was that I think he was up til midnite....he scared the crap outta me around then standing behind me....and his eyes weren't sleepy....I asked him what he was doing and gave me this tale of gibberish.

Howie went fishing with a long time he was out of commission....and I really need a sleep in day. Unfortunately I don't see that happening til September weekend on his non-fishing day I'm going to the DMV, remember? So it'll have to be the weekend after far away!!!

What's that? Did he catch fish?? Why, yes, he did!! Two beautiful salmon....that went to waste! He didn't deal with them in a timely manner and therefore they were garbage....I was ticked! Good thing he's going tomorrow....I want salmon!! It sure does help out on the menu planning! lol

Oh, my FIL is out of the hospital!!! Seems fast doesn't it?? Hard to believe!!! He's now settled in at the g/f's house...which isn't that far we'll be visiting often!! Time got the better of us, so we didn't get over there today! I did however get the last of the grocery shopping done...kidless!

OK...I'm done for the day...gonna go watch a DVR'd program and then get to bed!!!

Til next time...ciao!

Oh, I hope this's a video of DJ....


  1. Is DJ singing "whats that noise"? toooooo cute

  2. yes...isn't it just hilarious!?!?!? He made up the song all by himself...


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