Monday, August 10, 2009

Check it out!!!

Howie was watching some stupid show on TV and as the credits were rolling, this caught his eye...

How I'd love to be getting HER pay cheque!!!! LOL It sure was pretty kool to see my name up on the screen!!! Wild eh?

And in other news, here's some pix of Miss Samantha showing her prowess with the fork...

I absolutely love her abilities, but man, at breakfast, when she has waffles.....that syrup gets EVERYWHERE!!!! And tonite, it was sketti nite, and she must have been too hungry to realize she wasn't feeding herself....that or the spoon threw her off. Either way it wasn't as messy an affair.
Today was a stay-close-to-home day....which also makes for antsy before dinner they ran their energy off outside...right before it started raining...for the rest of the nite! So good thinking on my part!

Bed time...wasn't as smooth as the last 10 nites were....he put up a bit of a fight and was messing around with his toys...he finally figured it out huh!....but one stern threat and a talking to from Daddy, and there's been nothing but silence from his end of the hall!
Gotta tell ya, this book I'm reading, Keeping losing me! I've almost lost faith that it'll get better!!! My SIL read her other book My Sister's Keeper and said it started off slow too. So I guess I'll just keep plowing thru it...I'm on chapter 4....and the start of it was SO good!! Remember, it hooked me right in....I'm like a fish, floundering....I'll keep ya posted!
Til next time...ciao!

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  1. Learning to eat with forks is such a fun time of life...well, except for the clean up of the kid, the floor, the chair, the wall and perhaps the ceiling. Grin!


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