Thursday, August 6, 2009


Past my bed time!! I'm a lollygagger tonite....just been poking around on the Internet more than paying attention to my loyal readers!!! LOL So, tonite might be short...we'll see...but I still haven't made Howie's lunch yet for tomorrow! That's how lazy I've been!

This morning we got out of the house early enough that I was able to go to the bank, Walmart (where else?) and Food Emporium...... where they have these teeny tiny grocery carts that are perfect for a certain 3 year he got to push his own cart. The novelty of that did NOT wear off the entire time we were there!! His smile did NOT wear off either!!! Of course we put things in his cart, but they were of the non-breakable variety. And he even got to unload it all and hand the cashier every thing in his cart! Oh the little things that make him so happy!!! SamSam, yeah, she knew she'd been shafted! As soon as she saw him with a cart she started gurning and crying for her own...but there was no way I was gonna chase after two of them!! Cute fact: we call DJ "Freddy Fast Fingers" and Samantha "Grabby Gabby" they are both that quick!!! LOL

Got home just in time for lunch with Jake and then naps....during which I was able to make all my gray go away....whew! It's really noticeable nowadays....I don't like this part of the aging process!!!

After Howie got home I ran out by myself and did another store....typically I do 3 stores, but lately the good specials have been spread out! Howie changed my mind tho, as I was going to go to costco...but since we were doing burgers for dinner he wanted jalapenos, so that meant going to Albertsons. I was a day early for the asparagus sale...dagnabit! I hate going out for just one thing! oh well...I know I will....I love asparagus! And I love watching Jake eat it...hee hee hee!

Tonite we saw the most bizarrely built was a 4 bedroom 2 bath rambler with a basement.... but we counted 7 (SEVEN) doors into the house...why on earth would anyone want 7 doors into a house?!??!?!! It makes NO sense!!! And the back yard wasn't a back was all paved....but not nicely....concrete...Howie thinks there was a bomb shelter under it...could very well be! Needless to say, we scratched off the list! lol

OK, really gotta go and get Howie's lunch ready and then get to bed!!!

Til next time...ciao!


  1. He he, our neighborhood grocery store has those carts too! I love 'em, Hallie does too, although when she runs into me at full speed, not so fun for my legs...

    The little things that make the kiddos happy!

  2. Ah ankles did get attacked twice!!!! I was pretty good tho at putting my foot out to stop him if I stopped and he wasn't paying attention!

    He keeps asking to go to the special cart


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