Sunday, August 2, 2009

Busy Bees

That's what we've been today!! Busy busy bees!! We all got up early enough that we were ALL out the door for 9:10am! Do you have any idea what a chore that is?!?!! Both Howie and Jake showered before we left too!!!

Where did we go you ask?

Why, we went to the StanwoodCamano Fair!!! I have an online g/f, Sarah, who lives in Vermont, but grew up here in Washington...and usually once a year she comes for a visit! This year was no different!! She was in a wedding yesterday, so she's been here since last weekend with her little girl Hallie. She asked months ago if we'd be around to go to the fair with her, and it worked out perfectly that I happen to be here!!! So, we went!!!!

DJ, who's never been to a fair, was super excited to be going to the "fun fair"!!!! We arrived just as they opened at 10 am and the entrance we chose was where the goats and other animals DJ was already hooked!!! But we had a goal, and that was to meet up with my g/f at the info off we trudged...well, I trudged, the rest walked. Pushing a stroller in gravel is like trying to catch a fly with chop sticks!!! But we did meet up with her and off we all went! Walked around looking a the various booths of information and wares. They were test running the rides, so we had to bypass them. We ended up at the horse riding corral and watched some riders racing. Along the way we passed pony rides, and DJ said he'd love to do we headed back and let the kids ride the ponies.....not Sam tho...and boy was she not happy with that decision!!! At least with DJ he'll remember it, Sam won't!

It was THE cutest thing ever!!! DJ was on the pony, strapped on, by himself!, and riding along when all of a sudden (and I kid you not!) he takes his hat off with his right hand and yells "Yeehaw" and then put his hat back on! He cracked everyone up with his spontaneous burst!!! It was awesome!!! I did get pix, but they're on the regular I'll have to upload them tomorrow and post some!

We then watched a doggy entertainment was okay....the kids were more into the goldfish than watching! I think it was over their heads a bit. They did ask DJ to come up on stage so a dog could jump over him and 4 other kids, but he declined...very shyly!!! LOL

And what else is there to do at a fair....fair FOOD!!! I'd brought lunch with me for SamSam and we got Jake a pizza, and I got some hummus and pita...and then came the fries....a MOUND of them....well really, a block of them! Just look! And before you, we didn't even get thru them all!!! Maybe half of Anybody for some clogged arteries!??!?!

Around 12:30 we headed for home...Sam was gettin fussy and DJ was getting annoying! And both of them conked out on the it was a nice quiet ride! We stopped at Jake's house to get his football gear for tomorrow's practice...and decided to bring his car with us. He's happy now that he can show it off to his friends that live around here.

Tonite...I got to watch Twilight over at my g/f Andie's house....I could never be a movie critic...I'm FAR too critical!!! Especially if it's from a book....I nit pick it to death! Just ask

It was good tho...and I do realize they have to fit a HUGE book into such a small time frame and do it with proper set up...I get that....there were just silly things that shouldn't have been done! Oh time I see it, and you know there'll be a next time...I won't be as picky!! LOL's now way past my normal blogging time and I gotta get to bed!!

Til next time...ciao!

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