Monday, August 10, 2009

Not ME! Monday

Its baaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!! The hilarity of Not Me! Monday is back in full force!!! If you want to know more about the originality of it, check out MckMama's blog!! If you want more Not Me!'s to read...check out her linky system where everyone joins in for the fun!!!

As you know, it's been a I've been saving my Not Me!'s up and have picked the best ones to share with laughing!!!! Snickering is okay, but no laughing!!! Oh alright, you can laugh!!! I've already laughed at myself, so its all good!

Now, I'm not sure how everyone stores their butter, but I like to keep mine on a small dessert plate (I used to have a proper butter dish....) and typically I keep it in the cupboard where the plates are (we have two cats) and lately, I've been keeping it on the counter where the toaster is. That is once I discovered that keeping it on the stove isn't such a good idea...that is if you don't remove it when you turn the oven on. Can you see where I'm going with this?? Heat + Butter = Liquid MESS!!!!
Thankfully it's only a 1/4 lb stick at time, but blech!!! And we all know that once liquid butter doesn't harden up to be a proper's grainy. Double blech!!!

I did not do this ONCE....but TWICE to the same stick of butter!!!!!!! Nope, not me!! I'm Miss Suzy Homemaker!!!

Having DJ, 3+ years ago, I've worn a bra to bed as I've been nursing or pregnant and then nursing in the last little while its felt like a part of my much so that I did not step into the shower WITH THE BRA ON!!!! No, not me!!!! HA Thankfully it didn't get too wet....and I had a clean on to wear after the shower.....

Now, one of my fave things to do is bake...I love making cookies for Jake when he comes to visit...the thing I don't like is eating them and I try REALLY hard not to eat them!!!
Thankfully we had some froze pre-made ones from a school/football fundraiser, so all I had to do was pull out the amount I wanted to make up and put the rest back. I can do that!!!
After they were done baking, I did not lick the chocolate off the cookie sheet so I wouldn't be tempted to eat a, not me!! Pathetic...I know!!!! I once knew a girl who was so desperate for chocolate she melted chocolate chips and ate them....

OK, that concludes this portion of the Not Me! post....hope you got a chuckle!!!

Til next time...ciao!

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