Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I"m not sure what bug

Bit me...but man I was on a cleaning rampage today!!! If I was pregnant (which I can never be again, thank you Lord!) I'd say I was nesting!!! I attacked (almost literally too!) Samantha's room which is also the office/computer room/storage room....there were boxes there from when we moved here in May of 08...but to be honest, were invisible while I was today they got their due! I filled a green garbage bag with "stuff" from this room!!! Just one room!!! ONE ROOM! And I can fill a garbage bag!?!?!? I'm very afraid to go thru the rest of the rooms now! lol

I also organized the hall closet and the bathroom closet. Did you know (of course there's really no way for you TO know) that I had over 30 face cloths in there!!!!!! **Mom, we don't need anymore for 5 years!!!** So I downsized the old ones and kept the new ones (and we STILL have 17 of them) and put them away nice and neat in their wicker basket! I then also went thru all our old towels....I opened up a whole shelf in there!!!! Of course, it's the bathroom so what could I possibly store there with all the steam that happens in that room!

Tonite I had a Dr appt with our GP....I wanted to discuss the results of the ultrasound and blood work. It was a good visit!! She sees me all the time when I take the kids in, but it's been a while since it was a ME visit! We discussed why I'm not losing weight and she said I'd be a good candidate for bariatric surgery...especially since I'm considered pre-diabetic...and my mom IS diabetic. Then she threw in there that insurance may cover it!! Say what?!?!?! She gave me the information to investigate and research on my own...and the number of a clinic she recommends. I gotta say....I'm seriously considering it! But she also said I HAVE to fix the hernia...and to get into see the surgeon about it. Its possible that both of the surgeries could be done at the same time....interesting! Of course, none of this will happen til next year or so....

Now, I'm watching I Love You, Man....and while it's a bit on the crass side (altho I totally wouldn't say that if I wasn't watching it with Jake and his g/f) its VERY freakin funny!!! There are so many (MANY) awkward moments in this movie that all you can do is laugh your butt off!!! I highly recommend it!!

Til next time...ciao!

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