Saturday, August 15, 2009

Pizza, Hot off the

Grill!!! YUM! If you've never had BBQ pizza, I highly recommend it!! Make sure you have a clay slab for cooking it on...and LOTS of cornmeal so it won't stick!

Even the kids loved it!!! Sam was more into the fruit that was laid out and DJ was more into the playground in the back yard of our friends house. He got bullied and did some it was a good lesson day! lol

The drive there was a good one as both kids napped....and even I got a cat nap! Traffic was awful as there was a soccer game AND a baseball game, not to mention the Hemp Festival....makes for slow driving!! The ride home was a breeze in comparison! We got home shortly after while I was getting the kids ready for bed, Howie was getting the boat ready for fishing.

SamSam gave the most grief tonite at bed time...not sure why, but man she's a loud one! DJ on the other hand was worn out...or so I thought...when I went to check on him I found all kinds of toys in the door way that were NOT there when I put him in bed! The little sneak!

Once the kids were in bed we watched Paul Blart, Mall was funny, but I wasn't busting a gut laughing...not like I thought I would! Kevin James is way funnier!! Oh was good family time!

Now, I'm off to bed....I think I'm finally getting into that book...Keeping least I'm in a good part and hoping it keeps that way!

Til next time...ciao!

P.S....I put a pony in Sam's hair and she actually kept it in for a whole 5 hours!!!! YES!!

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