Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Now this is more like it!!

I finally got a hair cut!!!!!!!! I usually want a hair cut right around my birthday (which is REALLY coming at me fast!) and this year is no different!!! It's been since May when I last got a cut....and then I only got an inch or so off...this time...5 or 6 inches! Oh it was SOOOO needed!!!!! SO without further ado.....I give you the 'do!!!

This is what it looked like this morning when I got up (but really I took these a couple days ago...) Sorry the one is SO blurry....it's hard to take self portraits!

And this is what I look like now!!! I absolutely LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Makes me look younger doesn't it!??!! HAHAHA Just kidding...

This was the highlight of my day!!!

Oh and I now have a stubborn fashionista for a daughter!! There was a basket of folded clothes in the hallway that I hadn't put away yet, and Samantha discovered all her clothes...namely her new pj's....and tried putting them on....so cute! She got the shirt on her right leg and her pants on the left leg, then would walk around holding them up thinking she's all that!

So when I took them off her to put them back in the basket and put them away in her closet...she FREAKED on me!!! Sat down just blubbering and grabbing at the pants (the top ended up on the table) and screaming "nooooooo" at me. So her outfit today....pajama pants and a pink top to match the ballet slippers on the green pants. Then she added red toddler sunglasses...but I wasn't quick enough to snap that shot! But it was FUNNY!!!

I also decided to forgo DJ's nap this afternoon after such a crappy nite!! OH my word was it bad!! I woke him shortly after 12 to pee...put him back in bed....went to bed myself...read til shortly after 1....and was woken up at 1:26 by DJ laying down on the bed beside me....off to pee AGAIN...and put him back in bed. At which point, I could NOT for the life of me fall back to sleep!! oh it was just awful!! Next thing I know, Howie's talking to DJ and asking him if he needed to pee...he didn't (surprise, surprise!) and Howie then picked him up and put him in bed between us!!!! urgh!!!!!!!! So I had knees and elbows digging in to me....and around 6 realized Howie was no longer in bed so moved DJ over and finally got some sleep. Needless to say it was 8:30 when he woke again!
Instead of napping we had quiet time...drawing and colouring and then reading books. While I was showering he was captivated by Caillou....worked out perfectly! I have my routine down to 22 mins!!! That's how long an episode is!

It's been really nice and quiet since 8:30 when I put him in bed...here's hoping he'll STAY in his own bed ALL nite!!!!!! A mom can wish can't she?

Ducking out early tonite...I wanted to post pix of my hair early, and I so wish I had something to knit!!! *sigh* Anyone have yarn they wanna give me?? lol

Til next time...ciao!


  1. I love love love your hair!!!

  2. L O V E it! and YES it makes you look younger - although I don't know if 12 is what you were looking for... ;) You got guts girl!!!!

  3. 12 might be pushing it...lol I'd settle for 29 since that's what I'm turning on Monday...don't mock me! LOL

    Thanks girls...I LOVE it too!!!

  4. Wow, I LOVE the new hair cut! You're beautiful! (and it DOES make you look younger!)


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