Saturday, August 15, 2009

Good Times

Were had by all tonite!! But let me take you thru the whole day first....I woke up shortly after falling asleep about 2:30 or DJ laying on top of me!!!! Definitely NOT my fave way to wake up!!! I told him to go back to his bed, and he said "no" I changed tactics and asked if he needed to pee...and he said "yes" so off we trudged to the bathroom...and pee he did! Now, I took him not that long ago around 12:30 and he peed then too. I put him in his own bed then and went back to my bed. I swear it was only 5 mins later he was waking me again...but it was closer to 6:30 this time...and he managed to go back to sleep with some coaxing! Seriously...I'm praying for daylight savings again!! Altho, that negates the night light really....I can't win! I give up! lol

So once we all got up shortly after 8, Jake got to sleep in as he chose not to go to football today, and did breakfast....I made icing for the cupcakes I made yesterday...and made a batch of chocolate chip cookies for home. All before noon too!!! The cupcakes were for taking to a BBQ dinner at my g/f Jackie's house.
During naps I popped out (I'm REALLY gonna miss this when Jake goes home after this weekend!! Altho, I'm sure he won't miss it...) and got dog food and cat food and milk!! You wouldn't think that getting those three things would take an hour...but they did! Thankfully I'd had the foresight to tell Jake to shower while the kids were sleeping and then I'd have one when I got home. They were awake and super whiny when I got home....oh fun! Got them calmed down and Jake took DJ outside to play (gonna miss this too!) and Sam and I stayed in. I got her changed into warmer clothes as I knew it would get chilly outside later on. Then changed DJ when he came in and popped in the shower myself! I got out and Howie was home!!

Made him go lay down for a few mins as I could tell how tired he was! But the noisy children had other plans! Best laid plans and all....

So off we went to Jackie's house!!! She had her two younger kids (of 3) visiting her for the weekend and it's been a year since I've seen them!! Oh my has Gwen grown!!!! More in this last year than any other year!! She seems SO grown up!!! And it's scary when you can see the man child start to emerge!! It was also good to see other babies who'd been at last year's bbq bash! They're the same age as SamSam! So it was fun to watch them interact and communicate with each other. Kinda like

DJ had an absolute blast playing "you're it" with the other kids....which we informed him is the same as playing tag! SO cute!! The other thing he does that just cracks us up! He usually asks where Daddy is during the course of the day and I tell him he's at Bellevue...and he responds "oh, Bellevme"...he thinks I'm saying you and he knows you is me...OK I can't explain this well...but it's SUPER cute!! So when Howie came home from work I asked him "where does Daddy work?" and he responds very seriously "Bellevme" and Howie just busts out laughing!!!

After a yummy dinner, we came home a bit late for normal bed time, but that's okay...gotta be flexible sometimes! At least we had them both settled by 9 and DJ was actually asleep!! He got worn out playing You're It! hahaha

Til next time...ciao!

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