Monday, August 17, 2009

If you would...

Please send up prayers for my Father In Law as he's having open heart surgery tomorrow morning (probably while some of you are reading this!) He's having a valve replaced...not sure with what, whether its pig or something else. But in any case, if you could pray all goes well and that he heals/recovers quickly that would be much appreciated!!
Today was a boring do nothing day! So, pretty good for a Monday! I did have good intentions...but got lazy! lol Heaven forbid! I did get a load of laundry done!! And if I do one a day, I seem to keep on top of it and it doesn't seem so overwhelming! And I got all the dishes done during nap time!!!
Tonite was sketti nite, so while the sauce was simmering, I took the kids to the park (oh it was BEAUTIFUL here today!!) and let Howie have an hour's peace when he got home from work. What a nice wife I am! Then, after dinner, he gave me a half hour of peace and took the kids outside for a bit. This gave me the chance to list a bunch of clothes and whatnot on craigslist. Oh and download some songs to iTunes....funny story...Jake got a gift card for iTunes about 3 years ago, he then "gave" it to me saying he had enough songs (HA) and then wanted it back this past spring...and since he didn't make a move on it, Howie and I spent it! LOL We each got 6 songs!! Whatever happened to them just being .99?? Now some of them are 1.29!! Rude! lol

I must go and get Howie's lunch ready...he's taking his dad to the hospital and staying the whole he wants food with him to eat...can't say as I blame him on that one! I also made some peanut butter cookies!!! See...I AM a good wife!

You might have also noticed its Monday and there's no Not Me! post...y' was a pretty quiet week on that front!! That and I'll need to pay more attention to what I'm doing wrong! hahaha

Til next time...ciao!'s yesterday's photos....the "fish"!!

The fish ready to get cooked!

Miss Samantha noshing on my cob of corn...she ate almost half of it!!! brat!

And these were from today on our way to the park...I just LOVE DJ's smile!! And SamSam's workin the pony again!!!

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