Thursday, August 20, 2009

Detour day!!!

Today we took a detour and went to visit Grandpa Hughes in the hospital!! Now, if you know me, you'll know that I absolutely HATE driving to Seattle!!!! Being a passenger is perfectly fine, and I'm a perfect passenger to have....but I am not familiar enough with Seattle and it's highways and byways to feel at ease just "going downtown"!! I can get to the zoo, no problem...but I've done that quite a few times that I'm comfortable with it. But this trip was in a whole new area I've never been in!!! Lots of streets I know nothing of!!! BUT, I braved it and got me and the kiddos to Swedish to visit G'pa! Whew! And truth be wasn't as nerve wracking as normal for me! Thanks to Wyndi for chatting my ear off practically the whole way! Oh, and Wyn, you'll be glad to know I did NOT get a "light" ticket!! hahaha

My SIL and her twin girls were at the hospital visiting too, so they met us at the main entrance and took us up to Dad's floor. I had called before hand to ask his nurse if he was okay to have "little" visitors and she said "oh, sure, he can have a few visitors" which I replied, "no, little, as in young" and she said it was more than okay! So, while SIL and nieces waited, me and my two went in to see Dad....his g/f Ellen was in the room with him, and it was good to see her too!! DJ was insta-glue as soon as he saw G'pa in the bed! And that tube in his neck....yeah, he was staying right by me!! lol

I will say, for someone who had his chest spread open 2 days ago...he's lookin damn good!! And I'm very happy to report his sense of humour was not touched!!! I commented to him that he looked odd without his teeth...he then flashed me a gummy grin!!! HA

I then took the kiddos out of the room and went to the waiting room for a bit...chatted with SIL and nieces and then quietly snuck out of the room when neither of my kids were looking (quite the feat I tell ya) and went to say good bye to Dad...he was just getting his vitals check then and they were discussing him having a shower. So it was good timing for us to leave! That and it was already quarter past 12....and I was running the risk of having SamSam fall asleep on me on the way home...again!

She did REALLY good tho the whole way home...right until I was 2 miles from the house!! TWO FREAKIN MILES!!!! So I stopped at McD's for a cheat lunch for them and that woke her up! whew! So we ate lunch and took a nap right away!!

After nap we did some grocery shopping....and DJ got to use the "special" cart at that one was the best he behaved the whole afternoon!!! Man alive!!! In Walmart (where else?) he was horrendous!!! Thankfully it was semi-short trip! Oh and he picked out one of his Christmas gifts....without even knowing it!! LOL I love this age!! Guess you'll have to wait til Christmas to find out what he picked out!! I will say this is Lightning McQueen related! *rolls eyes*
I also saw another side of my son....the "I want this" side!! Which is followed by "I'll behave Mummy!" Boy, do I know how NOT to fall for that crap!!!

Howie went to visit his dad after work, so it was me and the kiddos again for dinner, and DJ asked for that's what we had! SOOOO not a nutritious day!! But one day won't hurt them!! Right? In any case, he got home just in time for bed time!!!

Bedtime....has been going pretty smoothly of late....altho I've caught him playing with his toys in the dark once or twice! And tonite he decided to take down his gate...said he didn't need it....*shakes head* In any case, it worked and he fell asleep IN his bed!! So who am I to complain!??!?!

Bed....methinks that's where I'm headed now....just past midnite....not bad! OHHHHHH wait...I think I figured out who/what/when/where/why DJ's been waking up so freakin early in the mornings...Snickers!!! I woke up at 6 waiting for DJ to join me, and my bladder did I got up to go pee, and as I'm opening my door, Snickers is coming out of DJ's room. AHA!! Caught wet nosed!!! See, if you move in bed, and dangle a limb over the edge of the bed, it's fair game for her to lick you! Thus, waking you! And DJ's a super mover in bed! Mystery solved!! I put Snickers in my room and DJ didn't wake til after 7 and snuggled back to sleep til just past 8.
Me on the other hand...had a hard time getting back to sleep after the 6 am wake up...but did finally doze for a bit. OY Here's hoping I get more solid sleep now!

Til next time...ciao!

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