Thursday, August 27, 2009

Boy that smarts!!!!

Today I wore my regular shoes after wearing flip flops for the last 4 months...ay yi yi!! My poor baby toe on the right side has a blister that's even bigger than my toe!!! OUCHIE!!!! I even had the thought of walking barefoot home...but opted not to....shoulda, coulda, woulda....hindsight and all that...yeah!

So where did we walk??

To the park! Oh it was a GORGEOUS day here today!! So we took the scenic route and popped by Jake's football practice...but since they don't have numbers yet, we didn't know who was who...and honestly, we didn't want to interrupt! And the park is right next to the high it was convenient! The park wasn't too crowded today either....only one day camp with about 20 kids....and DJ had fun chasing all the older kids!!! He's also mastered a part of the monkey bar routine...aside from scaring his mother....

OH, I have to tell you this very funny thing!!! Tonite while I was making dinner, Howie was in the loo doing Godknowswhat, and I'm sure he wouldn't want me blogging about any case, I went to the door to ask if he'd fallen in...and if he wanted a salad for dinner.

Once he was done, and in the kitchen bothering me, DJ needed to potty, so Howie took him....when he came out he told me the conversation:

DJ: Where did you fall in Daddy? In there? *points to bath tub*

Daddy: No, not there.

DJ: In the sink? *points*

Daddy: No, not there too.

DJ: where did you fall then ?

Daddy: In the toilet!!!

DJ: Ohhhhh I don't wanna fall in the toilet!

Daddy: No, you don't! Its very cold!

DJ: *thinking about it* Yeah....I don't want to fall in there!

HAHAHA Oh man I was busting a gut!

After dinner we went on a family walk!!!! We actually ate right at 6 tonite, and with a nice relax time after dinner, we went on a walk about 7. Walked to get the mail, and then on to the very same football field we were at earlier today to watch the team that Jake used to play for before playing for school. It was good to catch up with the two coaches we know and a couple parents. Then we walked back! SamSam was in the stroller, and DJ walked rather nicely holding either my hand or Daddy's was a very pleasant evening!!!

Bed time on the other hand....he is such a creature of habit!!!! If I don't go up and tuck him in he starts fooling around and calling my name, standing at the gate....just being ornery! But he did fall asleep quickly after I tucked him in.

Last nite...was a breeze....til I went to bed! He woke up shortly after 1 to pee...and off we went....then two minutes after I got back into bed he was at me again to "try" and off we went again....for a toot! Put him back in bed and crawled back into bed myself. About 1:30 I hear thumping on the stairs...I go out and DJ's chasing the cats up and down the stairs....sooooo NOT what I want him to be doing at this time of nite! Put him back in bed and sternly scolded him, while trying not to be too loud as to wake Howie up too!....and back to bed I went to lay there and wait for him to make more noise or fall asleep....

Howie told me this morning that DJ woke up when he was getting ready for work, pee'd and went back to his own bed "so Mummy can sleep!" I vaguely heard this conversation but rolled over quite easily knowing Howie was taking care of it...Next thing I know, DJ's in bed with me and I have no clue when he arrived!! I like that! Semi decent sleep does me well!! Here's hoping this middle of the nite antic crap stops soon!

Til next time...ciao!

P.S. Samantha has figured out that my phone takes all kinds of pix (as you well know) and now takes it and says not only " 'Lo" for hello, but now she turns it around so the screen is facing away from her and says "cheese" thinking she's taking her own pic...then turns it around and checks the screen.....way too funny!!! She's too freakin smart sometimes!!!
So when I took the phone away, this is the pathetic look I got...

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