Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday Success

Once again there's fish in the house!!!! Howie went out with a couple friends this morning and he caught two females (Silvers) and his buddy's wife caught a 16lb King....that's HUGE!!!! We're keeping one of ours (in the freezer already) and giving the other to Jake's g/f's family. I love salmon, but don't want to eat it two days in a row...thankyouverymuch!!

Its been a lazy Sunday!!! I didn't dress the kids til almost 11...that's just unheard of!!! Jake slept in til almost 11 too....which is normal! He's a teenager! We finally had some rain too this morning, and then sun this afternoon, and it warmed right up to 70...which is so much more bearable than those upper 90's we had!!!

After visiting with Jake's g/f and mom (and dropping off the salmon) we came home at the exact same time that Howie's sister and fam showed up for a visit! They came bearing gifts too!!! DJ got a new Lightning McQueen car....and SamSam got a new plush chair just like DJ's but hers is purple and it has Tinkerbell on it....SO cute!!! Now, there shouldn't be any more fighting about who's sitting in the chair!!! Right?!?!?! HA!

After their visit we did dinner, and bath...what a chore that really is!! My back still aches! I don't know how parents bathe their kids every nite!!! Whew!

Bed time...had absolutely NO fiasco to it tonite!!! Remember how I've been faking going out....just so DJ thinks I've left the house and he can't call out to me....he caught on to me last nite...brat! Today, I found his baseball night light in Jake's bathroom (NO clue why it was there...) and thought maybe, just maybe it might do the trick for DJ staying in bed.

Well, let me tell you! It worked like a CHARM!!!!!!!!! That and I had to promise him that I'd wake him up before I go to bed so he can pee (which I do every nite anyway)....somehow that promise helped too! He never got out of bed once!!! Never even called out to me once!!! Ahhhhhh so that's what it feels like?!?!?! I'm loving it!!

Now, everyone's tucked snugly in their beds...some snoring away....even Snickers is tuckered out! Jake took her to the park after bath time, and wore her butt out!! She needed it tho!!

Til next time...ciao!

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  1. At least now you can stop lying and sleep with a clear conscience.. LOL Isla is a night light girl too...

    If you ever have too much salmon, send one our way would ya'!?!?!?


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