Monday, August 24, 2009

I've been sitting here

For a while now and still can't come up with a quirky way to start the wasn't anything extraordinary! Quite boring actually!! Laundry, park, lunch, naps, Daddy came home, dinner, play outside, bath and bed time....

The park was fun tho!!! They were working on the big play area fixing things, so the kids had to play on the toddler area. Which my two have no problem with. As soon as we got there, a boy named Connor came up and said "Do you wanna play with me?" to which DJ very enthusiastically said "Sure! Bye Mum!" and took off! SO cute! Sam was a little bewildered...but loved exploring on her own! Then we ended up at the swings and she was happier than a pig in....well, you know....and DJ was busy chasing kids once they opened up the big play area.

Oh, I made homemade french fries tonite!! I was given a potato slicer thingy to make your own fries....about two years ago...from one of the other football it has to have been 2 years ago! Tonite was the first time I used it! Sad huh? But I can guarantee you, we'll be using it again!!!! The fries were amazing!!!!!!!!! Such potatoey goodness!!!! (did I just create a word!??!) Next time I won't do so many at one time in the fryer....and I want to try the shoestring setting....YUM!!!! I think it's the skins that make them SO much tastier than frozen fries. Just blogging about it is making me drool for more!!

Bed time was a fiasco again!!! With having a bath right before, we all know he peed before getting in...but that doesn't stop him from using the potty excuse. UGH! An hour after I put him in bed, I did let him go "try" and he actually did pee. Then, an hour later I hear a noise, mute the TV and turn my head a bit and catch sight of his foot sticking out the hallway entrance....yeah! NOT where he was supposed to be! Chased him back to bed and actually closed the him screaming....
He's moved his night light and can't find he doesn't have it and we've been leaving his door open....but apparently it's not working.

I really miss the diaper days...y'know, when he'd sleep right thru the nite without waking AT ALL!!! Last nite, I shut the light out shortly after reading, so about 1 am....and woke up feeling this thing on my hand...turns out it was DJ...but I tell you, in my dreams...that wasn't what it was!!! (We'd had an earlier convo about spiders crawling all over you when you're sleeping....) So took him potty (even tho I'd just done it an hour earlier) and he went and put his butt back in bed.....then he woke up at 6:30 wanting to play...uh NO! He did go back to sleep thankfully, but it took me a bit to fall back to sleep. Then I had to wake him just before 9....feast or famine with this kid!

SamSam's back to her normal self! Her fever is gone! But I do thinks she's teething her eye teeth as she's stingy about me checking her mouth out...and when I check out the bottom right one she shoos my hand away.'s super early and I'm thinking of heading to bed early! I haven't been able to read my book in a while...want more than 15 mins to get into it, so I've been trash reading my People mag!

Til next time...ciao!

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