Monday, August 3, 2009


I have discovered the trick to getting DJ to stay in bed!!! It worked last nite and it worked tonite...all I have to do is LEAVE THE HOUSE!!! Last nite I went to my g/f Andie's house after tucking DJ in bed, and telling him that I was leaving to go visiting, and that I'd see him in the morning. Howie said he stayed in bed without so much as a peep!
So, tonite, I had to run to Albertsons after they went to bed, and while tucking DJ in, I told him this. Again, no peeping!!! Huh....I think I could go for his arrangement!!!!

Today was errand day!! Had to run to the post that ticket I got last month on the drive here....the bank, and then Walmart (where else??) to get an oil change on the Durango (put over 4,000 miles on it just driving across Canada!!) and a head light for the Jetta, and order Howie some new contacts. The oil change took an hour and a half! And by the time they were done, it was 12:30!!!! Hey, wait a took an hour and 50 minutes!! I got there for 10:40! Dang!! they really were slow!

I raced home to be here for Jake coming home from football practice, and when I saw his shoes at the door, knew I'd missed him!! He came home right before I put the kids to bed, had lunch and took off again! Not to be seen til dinner!

Then he played with DJ outside, while I took a bath with yeah, won't be doing that again!! She wasn't sure what to make of me being in there with her or with that much water being in the bath tub! LOL
Howie came and got her and dried her off and dressed her....and while I hadn't planned on it, DJ joined me in the bath...he thought it was fun! I did not! Won't be doing that again! :)

Now, I'm vegging with Jake...and then hitting the hay! DJ woke up 10 minutes after I shut the light off last nite with a hand on my calf....scared the crap outta me!!! He peed and went right back to bed...only to wake up at 6:30! And he didn't get the memo about going back to sleep til 8! grrrrrr

Til next time...ciao!

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