Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hello! My name is

Missy Hughes and I'm an Avon Representative...can I show you a catalogue??
Yup...I joined the ranks of Avon Ladies all over the world!!!! More because I want the stuff and haven't had anyone to buy from since moving out here!!! I've thought about doing it for years, so last week I called, and joined up today! I should have a website up and running next be on the look out for it!!!

Today was a busy day...joining Avon this morning...

Jake's football family picnic...which had less in attendance this year than last!! The parents were far outnumbered by the kids!! Which also means less food, with less parents showing up...I made a pasta salad...well, 3 of those Betty Crocker pasta salad kids....added a can of olives, and half a bag of shredded mozzarella cheese...and that sucker disappeared in 10 minutes!!! I kid you not!!! As I was in line getting food for the kids, I watched this one player put 5 spoonfuls of my salad on his plate....ACK!! Glad I don't have his food bill!

After the BBQ we headed home (which thankfully is walking distance, but I drove...salad and Sam were my things to bring) and put SamSam down for her nap. It was then I remembered that I was going to go to the DMV and renew my license...remember my failed attempt? I kissed my boys good bye, grabbed the Avon catalogue to look at, a bottle of water, my phone and headed out! Got there just about 2pm...walked in and my jaw dropped to the floor!!! There were all of 4 (FOUR) people there!!! I went to the number thingy, pushed "Renewal" and took my number....I then look up to see how my number corresponds with how long I'll be waiting and I hear "Now serving 1-4-1 at window 2" Say what!??!?! I very slowly walk up to the counter thinking it's a joke...and there's the lady Lien Le waiting for me. Took my info, and my money, and made me do an eye test, and my signature and sent me on my way to wait to get a new photo done....I walk over to the other side of the room where I sat for all of 10 seconds before I hear "Oh, are you here to get a picture taken for a renewal?" Say what!??!? I nod and she waves me up....they really need a mirror near there! I primped my hair as best I could and stood against the blue background for a picture. Snap, she hands me a paper copy of my license and says my new one will be in the mail in 10-14 days. SAY WHAT!??!! That's it!??!! I'm done??? I shake my head and walk out the door in disbelief....the whole thing took all of 10 minutes!!

I didn't even call Howie, just headed home...and shocked him!! Because I got home so quickly, he and DJ took off to go to Three Rivers, where we bought our boat, to buy a new net for fishing tomorrow. He broke his 20 year old one last weekend...and needs one to bring dinner home to me!

While they were gone my BFF Laura showed up for a visit with her puppy Mojo...remember we puppy sat him?? He's HUGE now compared to when I last saw him!! Anyways she brought this book I've been dying to see... earlier this month, she met her daughter that she gave up for adoption 20 years ago...and they adoptive mom and Laura's daughter made this scrapbook story for her to have that showed her growing up thru the years. It was SOOO touching!!! Laura really lucked out picking this family for her....they were so kool!!

After Laura and Mojo left I took the kids outside to play and Howie went and played on the boat to get it ready! I picked up pine there were a lot of them!!!! Two Ariel bucket fulls!! Samantha was a HUGE help too!! She loved finding them and bringing them to me....she also loved washing her hands at the sink to get the pine sap off.

Oh and during the bed time routine, Samantha was watching me brush DJ's teeth, and took a FIT that I didn't bring her in the bathroom and brush her I guess I'll be adding a toddler brush to the grocery list for her!

Bed time went rather smoothly....other than him coming out of his room while I'm feeding Sam and Howie yelling at him...which has the opposite effect the milk does....just saying....she was so tired she whimpered once and was out like a light! So then I tucked DJ in and he was out like a light!!!! Seriously!?!?! Sweet!!!!!!!!!! Last nite he did pretty good....I woke him before I went to bed...and he woke up at 2:30 to pee, and went right back to sleep....came in the room about 8 and I told him to find Daddy and close the door...HE DID!!! And I slept til just before 9!!! Oh SOOOO amazing!!!!!!! I laid in bed IM'ing with my mom before actually getting out of bed! I need more of those kinds of mornings!!!

Til next time...ciao!

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