Sunday, August 23, 2009

Off to see the wizard Father in law

And he looks good!!! It was good to see him up and dressed, and clean shaven!! We definitely know he's in good hands being at his g/f Ellen's house!! Much more of a relaxed visit than in the hospital...any visit is! The only thing to put a damper on it was Ellen's dog had TERRIBLE gas!! Oh he could clear a room!!!!! Wait...he did! LOL

While we were off visiting, Jake's g/f and her mom were sitting the kids! How very sweet of them! We left before they woke up from their naps as they do better just waking up to strangers than if they see us leave. DJ woke up, came down the stairs to the landing and sat, as soon as he heard Joanne's voice, he took off to his room, closed the door and ran to his bed. hahaha So, Joanne went up and asked him if he wanted to go to the park...HA new best friend he was!! They had a great time at the park and then came back and played in the front yard til we got home.

I have to say...watching Samantha come running at toddler speed to greet me, SO awesome!!! I don't get that often as I'm the one with them the most, but man, when I do get it...I LOVE it!! The rest of the nite tho, she was a Daddy's girl!! She'd whine with her arms up just knowing he'd pick her up! And he did! He's such a sap sometimes! As a matter of fact, when he gets his tattoo of her name....I'm going to ask that the word SUCKER be put in there hidden somehow! Wouldn't that be funny!??!!

Dinner tonite was scrumptious!! Salmon again!! This time I had Howie clean the fish before the nap! That way no more goes to waste! yum yum yum!! I also made rice pudding today!!! Everyone here loves it...and it's a nice treat!

Bed time was actually pretty decent tonite!! Come to think of it, it's the best one we've had in a couple weeks! He actually woke up on his own to there's one step gone for me tonite...altho, it's still pretty early, so I might just take him anyways. Last nite was miserable for solid sleep...between Howie leaving (and asking me something in my sleep) and DJ joining me after Howie left, it was tough going! 10 years from now when I'm struggling to get my kids OUT of bed, remind of this will ya! lol

Til next time...ciao!

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