Friday, August 7, 2009

Medically Speaking

She's as healthy as a horse!!!!

She who?? you ask....

Why Miss Samantha, of course!!

She had her well baby check (first one in a year!) and she's HEALTHY!!!!

She's weighing in at 25 lbs, 6 oz....and got to stand on the scale...that took a bit of doing as she was quite please she was nekkid in public! LOL My little nudist!!!

She's standing tall at 33.25 inches!!!! That's exactly half of Howie's height!!!! She's still got a half inch to go before she's half my height. But she's above the 95th percentile for height!
It's funny to me....I think she's short, but that's because I compare her to DJ all the time....and he's head and shoulders above clue how tall he really is as today wasn't about him.

Her head circumference is 18.25 inches...quite normal apparently!

Sam also go 3 needles....poor thing, but she really did much better than I thought she would! When DJ takes a toy away from her, she lets the world know!!! But today, she was giving the nurse, Jennifer, dirty looks while whining was odd! But over all she did fabulous!!!

I also got the results (not explained in any way!) of the ultrasounds I had done on my abdomen and thyroid...remember....about 6 weeks ago now....and it seems I was right (*Gasp*) and I have another hernia! This one has 9 cm (3.6 inches) or more of bowel poking thru it...which explains the extreme gas pains I sometimes all makes sense now!!! Unfortunately, I can't do anything about it surgically just's a 6 week recovery period, with NO lifting...and my 25lb 6oz kid won't allow me to NOT pick her up on any given it'll have to wait. Quite possibly, til they're both in school....sux huh?
And my thyroid...the results were inconclusive....meaning it's enlarged, but no reason why...say what?? So she may have me repeat blood work...we'll see. I have an appt with her next week. She's currently pregnant with her 3rd child and has a c-section scheduled for the 28th, so her time is coming to an end til in I go!! I'd really like to chat with her about why I'm not losing the weight I think I should be....something's gotta give!!

Sitting here watching the Mariners on's bottom of the 11th with the Tampa Rays...Jake came home from a friends house all excited to watch it, but couldn't stay awake any longer, so he went to bed...and now I want to know the outcome!!! GO MARINERS!!!!!!!!!

Til next time...ciao!

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  1. YAY Samantha! She's doing well and wow, she's a tall girl, lucky thing!


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