Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My advice to you

NEVER take your kids with you to the DMV unless you absolutely HAVE to!!! UGH! What a way to waste an hour!!! And all for nothing!!! I got there, took my number (86) and found a spot to sit...gave SamSam my phone (on lock) and let her play with it while DJ and I sat and talked about why he couldn't be noisy and if he behaved he could have the candy necklace he spied in the truck. The phone drops and Sam starts squirming to get out...DJ grabs the I grab the photo book thingy I have in my purse and she's content again.

As I'm sitting there I realize that I'd read that I needed proof of our "new" address so I can renew my drivers license....crap! So we head out to the truck to see if there's an errant bill hanging around...there's not. Crap! Ahhhh wait a minute, there's the insurance card for the truck that has our address and my name on it....sweet!!!

Back in we go....they're now at 70 (it was at 66 when I walked in)...I give the phone back to Sam and play I Spy with DJ (he still doesn't "get" it yet) and then the misbehaving starts!!! crap! I then do the this rate it'll be another 90 minutes before they get to my number...CRAP!
We took off!! It was already 12:15 and I was getting hungry! DJ was getting louder! And SamSam was getting squirmier!!! NOT my idea of fun!!! Then to top it all off....DJ threw a sit-down-on-the-floor-crying tantrum that we were leaving!!! He'd already lost the candy necklace and was trying to behave to get it when he realized I was leaving he knew he wasn't getting the necklace! Lord have mercy!!! I just kept walking and ignoring all the eyes on me....and DJ caught up to me as I reached the door. He cried the WHOLE way home....and kept saying he didn't want to go home....Samantha...fell asleep in the 6 minute drive with him screaming...whatta kid! What a morning!!!

Needless to say, naps were a MUST today!!

Howie's dad is doing very well!!!! Howie went there this morning after going to work and taking care of some paperwork. Dad was in and out all day, but I did get a 15 second chat with him this afternoon after nap....he sounds good!! He got moved to his own room today and they're talking about releasing him Saturday or Sunday! I'm hoping to go to the hosp tomorrow...we'll see!

After nap we went and got a propane tank refill...and then hit up the park! I love it when they run off their energy!! And Samantha has figured out how to climb UP the slide! And DJ has figured out how to climb UP the fire pole....yikes!!!

Oh...this morning, I was in the office checking email and THIS is how I came out to find them...OY
Yeah...they were ON the table!!!!

Then I go in the kitchen to make their breakfast and this is what I came back out to...

Ahhhh much better!!! And SUPER sweet!!! Of course it didn't last long enough for me to grab the REAL camera....but at least I have proof! lol

Til next time...ciao!

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