Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Close your eyes Mummy

I have a susprise for you....and he hands me a handful of air!!! Better that than a worm or a frog!!! LOL I'm sure there are some moms out there who are so blessed....thankfully, mine don't do that!!

I'm currently watching The Soloist with Jake, so if my thoughts are a little jumbled that's why...it's a REALLY good movie!!!

Today was a library day! And we checked out 5 new books...boy, you'd think I gave DJ Christmas morning today!! He was sooooo excited and grateful for the books!! 3 of them are about tractors, trains and trucks! Right up his alley! The other one is an alphabet book and the last one is about baby animals. The library got a new shipment of books in, so it's nice to have clean non-kidded books! On our way home we stopped at Walmart (where else?) to get Howie's contacts that came in, so now he's set for 6 mos!

It was a rainy day this morning, so we just came home after our errands, did lunch and had a nap! During naps, I ducked out (can I just say, I love having Jake here to be able to do that!) to take back a bad watermelon (oh it was awful!! And DRY!!) and pick up a few other specials...and some much needed dish soap! DJ was awake when I got home, by all of 5 mins, and Sam was just still snoozing! I managed to get the dishes done before she woke! Whew!

After dinner I was supposed to meet a gal about some stuff I'm selling on craigslist....but she didn't show! And the movie we originally wanted (I Love You, Man) wasn't in the RedBox we went to....so we tried another at Alberstons, and it was a no go. That's how we ended up with The Soloist! I wanted He's Just Not That Into You....but let a 15 y/o pick....when will I learn!???!! hahaha

OK...gonna go watch the end of it....it is a really good movie!!!!

Til next time...ciao!

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