Sunday, August 16, 2009

Gosh I hate it when

I have no internet to use other than my phone....and I can't do a complete reset to the modem as its in SamSam's room! Ugh!!! So, you're not gonna see the pic of the four (4) gorgeous fish Howie and Jake caught today on the boat!! Oooooh it was a hot day on the boat! Along with my boys was Darrell, one of Howie's long time friends, and Shawn, a friend of Jake's from school. Everyone limited out...which is two a piece...and were all smiles when they got home! Since the fish were on ice, they waited til after nap time to get cleaned. And everyone napped this afternoon!! I needed it too! DJ actually stayed in his own bed til 6:30!! AND went back to sleep til almost 8:30!!

I have to tell you...Samantha has seriously turned a corner in the last week vocally...she loves repeating everything we say...and her fave thing to say is "noooooooooooo" with a really whiny, yet singsongy voice. Sometimes she'll add a head shake, and downcast eyes...its so pathetic but funny!! She absolutely loves pointing at the cats as they walk by...and saying her version of kitty cat! She can handle Snickers, but on her own terms...she'll do the loving, as she's not too fond of dog kisses! Altho, we've noticed the smaller the dog, the more excited she is about it!
DJ on the other hand....ugh! He's just too much for Snickers...his idea of playing is NOT what Snickers has in mind. And the cats...turn tail, literally, if he's in the room! He chases them to where they hide which is under his bed, and then he torments them! He's been scratched (quite well I might add) and still doesn't get it!! GRRR

Oh, the other pic you're missing out on is the fish all prepped for dinner!! And I can tell you it was YUMMY!!!!! Oh so good!! The kids gobbled it up! There was enough for the four of us (Jake went home tonite) and Howie's lunch, AND some for the animals to indulge! SO good!

Now my thumbs are tired and my movie is done!

Til next time...ciao!

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