Saturday, August 8, 2009


We had some fresh-caught-today salmon for dinner!!!! Since getting home and Howie being able to once again fish, I've been drooling (almost literally too!) on the weekends when he goes out...and comes back empty handed....not today, my friends....not today!!!

Tonite we dined on a 5/6 lb salmon that when basted with pesto, and grilled to perfection on the BBQ.....was as scrumptious as it sounds!!! Add to that some "green" noodles (rotini with pesto) and corn on the cob with some garlic bread on the side....complete with watermelon....what more could you ask for!?!?! An absolute feast!!!! Even the animals got to partake in the salmon after we were finished with it!

How'd the kids do??? They ALL gobbled up what we gave them! Samantha the most enthusiastic!!! Blew me away! She's mastered the art of feeding herself with a fork! At this age I would never have considered giving DJ a fact, I still dread giving him one! He uses it as a weapon most times...and draws/bangs on the table (I can just see my mom nodding as she's reading this...) Lord help us when he gets a knife....
So yeah, Miss Independent is getting pretty savvy with a fork...I'll have to take a pic of it!

I know, I haven't forgotten the zoo pix or the park pix....just haven't remembered to download them when I'm on the other computer....*note to self, d/l pix tomorrow!*

After a rather long nap time for everyone but me...we had our lovely dinner and then I took Jake out for a lesson in his car. We were also heading out to get a movie for he and I to watch tonite. (HE napped til after 5pm!!!) As we were on our way, my phone rang and it was Howie saying my FIL and his g/f Ellen had stopped by, so we headed home instead and had a good visit with them. Nice to see them again!!! And DJ got to show off his baseball skillz!!! He's got mad skillz, yo! (ok, having Jake here for over a week is ruining my concept of the English language!) But yeah, he's got a good eye and hits the ball really well!! Doesn't matter if its a plastic ball, a tennis ball, a rubber ball...whatever you throw at him, he'll try (and most likely) hit it!!

After Dad and Ellen left, Jake and I once again headed out to get a movie. It's been SO long since I've rented a movie all the choices were new to me. There was two movies in the whole RedBox thingy that I had my choices were wide open!!! Jake's choices on the other that kid sees too many movies!! He'd have hundreds of dollars if he hadn't wasted it at the theater!!! Just saying....

Our choice? Race to Witch Mountain with Dwayne Johnson and a couple other unknowns. It's a Disney movie, so we were good to go! And honestly...I thought it was a great movie!!!! Cute! Funny! Action! slight Romance! and great special effects!! I'd definitely recommend it!!

Now, it's late and I'm off to bed!!! GAH! It's midnite....I am seriously off to bed! No more fooling around!!! G'nite!

Til next time...ciao!

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