Thursday, August 13, 2009

Why haven't I taken him

To the children's museum in Everett before!??!!! Oh what a wondrous place for a 3 year old to be! We went to the one in Hamilton by my mom and dad's house back in Ontario, but it was oh so very pale in comparison to this one!!! This is 3 levels of fun geared to any and all kids!! The downstairs had the lunch room....and party rooms....and a construction room where you build stuff. The main floor when you walk in has about 8 rooms, a tree house, a market with a tractor, bus front where the kids can "drive" the bus....and a water table room (which we opted not to visit today)....just oodles of FUN! And all of it is at kid height!!! The upstairs, which is really the roof, is a play ground!!! One of the biggest ones I've seen in a LONG time!!!! It had a 20 ft slide that Fearless DJ did first thing!!! There was about 4 or 5 slides in total all different heights and twisties...the 20 ft one was like a water slide with 3 spirals in it!! I was shocked he did it!!! There was also a rock wall, which he climbed twice....a musical section with 3 HUGE xylophones, steel drums, bongos, and some other noise making instruments kids can bang on! There was also a dinosaur dig area, which DJ spent quite a bit of time doing!

Let me just say....I was totally impressed with this whole set up!!! I think we'll be getting a membership there with Christmas monies!! It's SOOOO worth it!!!!

Today we met up with my g/f Sharon and her two little girls Madeleine and Penelope! Our first time seeing them since getting it was even more fun!! Maddy is about 5 weeks younger than DJ and Samantha is about 5 weeks younger than Poppy!! So both are pretty close! I think they all had fun together!!!

On the way home (during lunch time really!) it was all I could do to keep SamSam awake!!! So I stopped in at McD's and got them some nuggets (Sharon was a smart mom and brought oranges and granola bars, which she shared with my monsters kids!! So the nuggets were just filler....and it did the trick in keeping her awake too! Whew!

Unfortunately, the naps were a little on the short side!! So much so that I barely got to eat my lunch and DJ was awake! Jake was gone to the mall with a friend of his who is visiting from Cali so I had no help with whiny babies!!

I did pop out when Howie got home to get cupcake liners...and a couple other things. Good timing on my part too as I just missed the poopy one Samantha was promising!!
This is a first....while trying to poop earlier (seriously, where else can I talk poop!?!??!) she pointed to her bum and said "poopy". Howie heard it first, and commented...and I said "no way!!!" but she proved him right by saying it again. I was in shock!!!! She doesn't say too many words, but this was clear as day!!! And while I was gone and she was actually pooping, she was saying it again!! I think I'll have her potty trained by Christmas!! Wouldn't that be awesome!??!!? I sit her on the toilet every once in a while...but have yet to catch her doing anything on it! I'll go by her lead!!

Oh and I forgot to mention a funny....even tho Jake will more than likely NEVER read this hear blog thing....he (and Howie too for that matter) like to dictate what can and can't be said on my blog. I find that rather humourous myself!!! Cuz, how will they ever know if I did or not....hmmm???

OK, I'm calling it quits early tonite....I didn't get much sleep thanks to DJ's wake up call at 5:30...and it took him a LONG time to fall back asleep, what with all his fidgeting....grrrrrrr Next time I'm sending his butt back to his own bed!

Til next time...ciao!


  1. that looks like fun! There is one over here and it's s'pose be good but I think Isla might be too young for it... Did Sam like it?

  2. Sam LOVED it!!! Truly! Everything is at her height, and she could touch/play with everything!! And she could have run around more if it had been just her...the playground was a bit much for her, but the musical instruments were right up her alley!


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