Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I can now add

Vacation planner to my list of qualifications!!

This morning while the kids were eating their breakfast, I was texting with my mom and then my dad called...kinda weird come to think of it...usually its mom first. But she was right there beside him. They've both been suffering together with a flu bug. Ok, back to my new job...I was informed that while mom and dad are here in July, they'd like to go to Disneyland with us. *EEEEK!!!!* I've been wanting to go to the Cali one SO bad!!!! And its in my books for this kinda moves things up for me...but that's perfectly okay!! Gee, I hope they weren't on any cold meds when they told me all this...and that they remember our conversation!! lol

So I put the word out to my facebook friends asking for any tips/tricks/hints/info about taking a family vacation to Disney! Haven't told the kids...will wait til its closer and somewhat booked before we tell them. Then again, I'd love to tell them both the day we leave that we're going to Mickey's house! HA wouldn't that be awesome!?!?! Hmmm gonna give this more thought!

After I finally got to eat my breakfast, we loaded up and out of the house as I had an eye follow up appointment regarding those horrible contacts I was coerced into getting. I did a stop at the shed to grab a bunch of dessert things to share out with the school I take the books to. Was a bit late to the appointment, but it worked out well as it gave the doc a break til I got there. He came back within a minute of our arrival. Sat and chatted with me about what's what, and ordered another pair for me to try. UGH!

After Freddy's we went to the bank, the consignment shop I deal with...and got DJ a pair of rain boots, that have Lightning on them, a shirt and some grooveless hangers for Sam's shirts...then to the pizza place to pick up their left over pizzas....then finally to the school. Since I had more than enough pizza for our group, I gave 5 of them to the school. Never have I seen pizza inhaled so fast by these teens!! The one kid who came out to the truck to get them from me, I saw 5 mins later walking around with his own box eating...made me chuckle!!

From there we went to the other bank to deposit THE cheque....because the bank we deal with doesn't have a branch in our small town, I had to go to a neighbouring town with a sister bank in it to do the deposit, but at least there's no hold on the money now. Whew! Then we finally headed back home with a pit stop at the gas station first..I was desperate!

By the way, my two children, for their lunch, scarfed down a large pizza between them!!! Granted they don't eat crusts...and most of them were 2 inches in crustness...but still!! WOW! Threw me for a loop!! And yeah, DJ's just fine today!!! No fever, no nothing else!!! Pray he stays that way!!

When we finally got home just after 3, I was starving!!!! So I quick made a salad and ate it!! STARVING!! I'd taken cheese sticks with me, but they barely allowed me to live til food! Then I got busy with searching online for Disney info....and before I knew it Howie was home! YIKES! Nothing planned for I suggested the old stand by of hamburgers and kept on working. Only Howie made me switch to getting info on new tires for the I did that instead....and we both have appointments for tomorrow! YAY!!

After dinner the kids just played while Howie and I were watching the clock waiting for bed time!! Thankfully they both went down easy tonite with minimal fuss! Sam didn't even come out for that one last pee! We watched American Idol (AI from here on out) and weren't that impressed! Only two, maybe three, stood out to me....Scotty (the country dude, of course!) and Stefano (the one from Seattle) and the guy who did the rock song, no clue what his name is...but other than that, most were forgettable!! It'll be an interesting year!! Especially since they've already had to bleep Steven Tyler for his excited use of "french" hee hee

Til next time...God bless!

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