Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I get knocked down

But I get up again....just slowly this time as this cold is sapping all my energy!!!


This morning I woke up with a voice deeper than Howie's!! NOT good!!! DJ immediately asked me if I had a fever...and checked my forehead...he even wanted to take my "tenaprature" yeah, he's cute! Even told his sister to be careful cuz Mummy is sick! Awwww wish that would have allowed me to stay in bed all day!

But Moms don't get the day off when they're sick!!!! And today was an Avon order I had to get cracking!! Thankfully I was on top of things and already had my orders written out for previous placed orders...just needed to keep on top of the ones coming in.

Lunch was early as we had a pizza run to do...and DJ actually asked for macaroni...good thing it was a crappy brand, that might have put me over the edge lol. Instead I had a lovely ham, cheese and black olive omelet!!! Quite delicious! Knowing that I'd be having salad for dinner at the restaurant for my Avon meeting, I decided to eat hearty for lunch.

We were gone soon after lunch...this new computer is off by 10 mins, and I'm not quite used to it (and kinda like it) so we weren't as late as I was led to believe when I got out to the truck and noticed the time. lol So we headed into town, picked up a bunch of pizzas and then headed to the school we drop books off to. I had help in the beginning from a 12 year old boy, but he quickly became engrossed in the books he was carrying in. It was cute! Then they swarmed the table where the books were and it was almost impossible to bring the boxes thru. One lady said "we love you" to which I replied "love me enough to help?" and she did!! I had 16 boxes of books and cd's...and to carry them in one at a time is tedious!! Many hands make light work!

Once done, we headed back to the shed and dropped off the pizzas we didn't want...and then headed home. Somewhere along the way, we lost Sam...I noticed she was dozing when we got to the shed. So when we got home, I let her sleep another half hour. But not longer than that...yesterday's nap in the car was a wet one!!! She was soaked when she woke up! Didn't want that again, so I woke her up. She sure was snuggly when I got her in the house, so we laid on the couch...and DJ was feeling left out, so he laid with us...kinda crowded!! I shook them both off and they sat nicely! Even played nicely!

Just after 4 I called to see where Howie was on his route home as I needed to shower before my meeting....he was further than normal as he left late...even 5 mins can ruin his commute home! So I put on a "real" movie (according to DJ ) in Netflix and went to shower. He was home when I got done, whew!

I left after 5 and headed to pick up one of my reps to go with me. On the way I had a sneezing fit, so as I'm pulling into her driveway I called her to ask for some kleenex!! UGH I hate being sick!!!!  The meeting was good...brought the box of kleenex in with me, and enjoyed my salad at the back of the room! It was a good meeting....about putting yourself out there and getting more customers. I did meet my goal of 2 new that's good!

On the way home we stopped at Freddy's for more salad...the shed usually supplies a lot of salads for us, but this week was low...and I knew I only had enough for Howie's lunch for tomorrow. Jaime was shocked when I handed the cashier an Avon book...I guess she hasn't gotten to that point yet! lol She will tho! Then I dropped her off at home and came home myself.

Howie was watching Spartacus on netflix and I got busy making his lunch so I could sit and relax a bit. Once he went to bed I flipped it to Gwyneth Paltrow...I don't care what anyone says! She's got a good voice and her character is spunky!! Didn't really care for the "theme" tonite, but it is what it is. Raising Hope was hilarious!! And Traffic Light is growing on me! White Collar totally rocked tho!! Their season finale was awesome!!!!!! Now I have to wait til summer for more!! :(

As for me and my raw nose, we're headed to bed!!!!! Tissues at the ready!!

Til next time...God bless!

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