Friday, March 25, 2011

Birthday Dinner revisited

Knowing all day that I didn't have to make dinner made the day even brighter!!! LOL Hey, any I don't have to make dinner and do dishes is a great day...what mom doesn't think that?!?!

Another gorgeous day today and after breakfast I got slammed with a headache that was threatening to go migraine on me!! The kids sounded like they had megaphones whenever they spoke it was SO loud!! And I didn't even have my hearing aids in. Oh it was brutal...I curled up in a ball on the couch and put something over my eyes to keep the light out....trying desperately to will the pain away. I can't tell you how many times the kids felt the need to expose me to light suddenly, just to ask me something on their megaphones!!! Absolutely horrible!!!

By lunch I still wasn't feeling better, but also didn't want to take that turn for the worse, so I grabbed Advil and downed them...anyone who knows me, knows I hate medicating  unless absolutely necessary...and today, it was!! I got lunch together slowly all the while praying the advil would work quickly! 

Oh and it only took 6 weeks, but DJ asked me for a salad for lunch..."like you Mummy" and had some meat and cheese on the side! This time tho, I made him a real bowl full, not a baby bowl like usual, and he ate the whole thing up!! SO proud of his choice!!  Then he had to go and eat a cupcake and ruin it all LOL SamSam didn't want salad, she just wanted meat and cheese and green beans...which is all good! And she too got a cupcake!

After lunch we got ready to head out as I needed to get to the shed and put the new books up...and sort thru and remove a bunch since we still have so many!! Found a bunch in the new lot that were perfect for me!!! And even scored a Barney book and a Cars book for the kids! Also got a pr of pants and a shirt for DJ and a sweatshirt for SamSam from the clothes side of the shed. All in all a good day!

We got home and the kids next door were outside, so my two joined in instantly...which gave me time to, not quite. They brought everyone in our house, so downstairs they went. Once everyone left tho, I settled my two and went to take shower to get ready for birthday dinner number 2!! The kids got dressed before I showered and Samantha was pleased as punch to be wearing her new summer dress....DJ chose a stripped shirt that was horizontal stripes and his pants that are also stripped but vertical stripes...he was a stripey mess, but there was no changing his mind lol 

The  cat doors have been AWESOME!!!!! Not only for the cats, but for me! I can now lock the bathroom door and if the kids need me, they talk to me thru the cat door and I don't have extra people in my way!! Talk about two fold blessings! HA! That's how I knew Howie got home while I was in the when I was done, he got changed and we got ready to head out.

I'd gotten a gift certificate from for a restaurant we'd never been to in Snohomish called Piccadilly Circus...and English pub and steakhouse. We drove there and Jake met us there...we were much earlier than he was, but it was all good. When we first arrived Howie noticed right away it's a pub...but they have it sectioned off, so kids could be in the table section but not in the bar section. Whew! 

Dinner was actually pretty good! Far better than what we had our last meal out at Canyons, which is a pretty good place! Howie had the rib eye steak, and I wanted the prime rib, but that's a weekend thing apparently, so I had the same as Howie. Jake had a burger (surprise!!) and DJ and Sam split the chicken fingers and fries meal. It was nice to eat as a whole family! The kids were just as excited to have Jake there as we were! And we got some seriously good conversation in with Jake this time!! Very nice indeed!!

We promised the kids ice cream on the way home, and initially I wanted Howie to stop at a grocery store and I'd get some...but then thought better of it since they can't eat the whole thing in one we stopped at McD's and got them sundaes instead. The each ate maybe half of it and went to bed happy!

Then we got settled in to watch AI results. How sweet to do something special for Steven Tyler for his birthday!!! I could tell he was very happy Stevie Wonder was there to honour him....he was giddy!!! And then the moment when they brought Hulk Hogan out for James and Paul, and James started crying like a little kid meeting his hero...priceless!!!!!!! Jennifer Hudson, fabulous!! Sugarland, LOVED it!!! Even the bottom three were okay, tho I was secretly worried about Stefano!!! I really thought Thia was a goner!!! But when they called Casey's name, I was whooping and hollering!!!!! SERIOUSLY!!!!!! America got it right!!! So then he starts singing for his life and they stop him and tell him they're using their one and only save for him!! This early in the game!?!?!? Are you kidding me!?!?!?! And the theatrics Casey started doing after that were way over the top! Shaking hands, almost fainting, can't walk straight....puhleeze!!!!!! ugh!

Grey's was good...really good!! Right up til the very end minute of the show where they get in the dare they write that in! Even just watching the promos for next week had me in tears!! I know I'll have the tissues handy for next week!!! Private Practice was once again questioning! To have a surrogate (who's the sister) and the father of the baby be in a relationship (without the wife knowing) is just bizarre to me! And the wrestling kid who's mother let him play anyways...that's just wrong!!!  Still a good thought provoking show!

Til next time...God bless!

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  1. So happy to be able to read your blog again.. after 3months away it's still a good read and a great way to keep up on your happenings. :D


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